Good day, Good evening and Welcome

After two whole years wandering SL, I have finally decided to neaten up my act and begin a blog which will accomplish a few things

1) It’s a valid waste of time
2) It’s a place to keep the AAi Calendar and it not look completely pants
3) I can spout on and on about what I really think and, in the tradition of blogs, not a soul will read it and it can stay absolutely private. So umm. It’s all safe with me 🙂

Soo, the last week or so has been eventful. On 28/3 it was Thom’s second rezzday (Thom is my long suffering partner), on 6/4 my second rezzday, on 8/4 my thirty(mumbles) birthday and on 12/4 it’s our second anniversary.

I bought Thom a Tenderlove hud, it sounds wussy I know but actually, it is the best couples animator I’ve ever seen. The cuddles and the sex are all very close, personal and interactive. I can’t mention the price in case Thom reads this but it was worth every linden and only one partner needs it really. The SURL wasn’t available at the time of posting but the seller is Kizmet Kidd who also provided an excellent personal gift service.

He bought me (drum roll and yeah those of you who know him are expecting a slutty outfit and a new spanking chair)…

Yep a puddy tat! She’s named Sambuca (Sam for short)and does all kind of nice feline things like, rolling around, miaowing, purring, asking for affection, sitting on my lap, playing with stuff and also umm…. crapping

But even so, it’s not all pussy in my world at the moment… Thom also bought me a cute new outfit he’d found

As you can see, even Thom has now given in and embraced my inner ‘Daisy Duke’. I feel this outfit proves finally to all that I am the natural birth mother of a certain Jellie Arrowmint 🙂

In club related news… AAi has been quiet this week. Lots of people away for Easter (some of them abroad recording an album – Fartcaster :)) And so what better to finish it off than by playing at Mars Gelbers Mad Hatter’s Tea Party last night. Twas a right giggle. I did just over an hour of trusty tuneage and really enjoyed the atmosphere and variety of people who came along.

I’ve made some new dresses for the shop but can’t quite bring myself to part with them yet. Right now they are mine mine mine but I will share them soon, promise 🙂

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