12th April – a fateful day

On the 12th April 2008, early evening in the UK, a six day old Meri was wandering around looking for a party, or even some decent music. Meri looked for indie music and tp’d to a little known (lol) place called Alt7. As she landed she realised there was an ava standing right beside her. She took one glance at his ao, his hair that actually MOVED and his overall demeanor and decided he was too cool for school and legged it.

Course, that early Meri didn’t leg it in a cool, teleport out, kinda way. Nope, being a noob she ran like a chicken away from him, across the floor and attempted to sit on a sofa, without much success.

When she did eventually manage to sit down and gather her wits, she realised nobody else was there. Only the too cool for school guy who was sooo patently watching her and in typical Meri fashion she decided to take control and asked him to come and sit down.

So he did, he showed her how his Akeyo’s changed colour and she told him she thought he looked like a Gallagher and they chatted and then he took her to a hair shop so that she could get some hair that moved a bit too.

And that, my friends, was pretty much that. Aside from intrusive questioning (from Meri) dire warnings of how SL can ruin your life (from Thom) outrageous flirting (from Meri) ultimate capitulation (from Thom), we were inseparable.

So on the 12th we go back to Alt7, sit on the sofa and watch him change his Akeyo’s to pink and have a laugh about how cute we were in the good old days before I could walk properly and when he was still too cool for school.

I’m delighted to say, I’ve managed to destabilise his coolness to a large degree now, occasionally bringing him down to silly fart level.

As you might know, we had a party last week to celebrate 2 years of existence and of being together and of course, I forgot to take a picture until nearly everyone had left at some ungodly hour. But it was great 🙂 Lots of our SL friends turned up and danced and our good friend Serotonin Raymaker provided the tunes and banter, in the way only he can.

In the spirit of another year gone and what are we going to do with the next, we spent some time contemplating our SL (and each others navels) and have decided we’re going to get out and about more, explore and have adventures. The club is pretty much running itself now and it was never our dream to have to babysit it every day.

So, even if you can’t always see us, we’re still there and love what we’ve made together.

What do you think?

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