So fooking behind!

How is this possible? The blog is barely 3 days old and already I’m behind. Tsk. Pff.

This post should help clear up some bits n bobs 🙂

Last week I went away with Thom into the countryside (OOHAAH) for my birthday and this led to Thom and I discussing how big sheep were close up and how cute and fluffy they are in the fields. Of course, then he began taking the piss out of me (cast unwittingly as Dougal) to his Father Ted. “See Meri… Close – Far Away – Close – Far Away”

I have only one thing to say to him, Ay laike ur caark… but I didn’t realise it was so close 😉 (only joking babes, you told the world you had 17″ last night and I am backing you all the way)

I wandered into SL yesterday afternoon and IM’d Cisa Batista (Cisa Batista!) the Portuguese Russian socialite and DJ. Being an exciting party girl, I offered to teach her how to play Greedy and we got onto voice to do it. If I said that she was umm, distracted and a bit inclined to lose all her points without really giving a toss, I’d be accurate and fair 🙂 If I said she was a bit crap, I doubt she could sue me for it either.

Anyway, we had a laugh and later when Jells turned up it went from silly to downright obtuse.

At the end of the game (Cisa 0, Meri 10,750) she expressed how she felt about the whole experience.

Later that evening I did my regular set at the Pig and Whistle, delightful pub belonging to Ai Nieuport and Babette Belios. Not as busy as normal but I think that’s cus everyone is still eating Easter Eggs and wishing the kids holidays were over.

Babs and Ai have made a great website for their whole base of operations in SL which includes a lot of lovely places, several music venues, shops, a beach and other projects as and when they work on them. Have a ganzer and while ur there, check out my page (under staff) and see the video that Ai took at mine and Thom’s party last week. Is NOICE.

Anyway, I’ll shup now, at least until tomorrow. It depends on how interesting tonight on SL is 🙂

3 thoughts on “So fooking behind!

  1. Thank you for the wonderfully kind words and pictures. I would just like to say though that without your set on a Monday Meri, and all the amazing people we met through you and Thom, The Pig would be a poorer place!! *S* Thank you for being you!!XxX

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