Club Life – Disk and other kinds of Jockeys

Hurrah! Today I signed into my laptop to find AAi’s Assistant Manager Jells had dealt with a sticky situation. A complete and utter knobber (who shall remain nameless of course) had been offering quite forcibly to lick parts of ladies that many men don’t even know exist.

Top marks to him for effort but a big fat Zero for style. I’m sure our Jellie won’t mind me quoting here a little of the private conversation that ensued…

[2:54] Jellie: Hun I’m getting IM’s from people who are offended by your chat in local, please could you keep it to IM’s?
[2:54] Complete Knob: nah
[2:55] Complete Knob: if you dont like it boot me
[2:55] Jellie: ok, will do (at this point she banned and ejected him)
[2:56] Complete Knob: daamn
[2:56] Complete Knob: you newed to get your c*nt licked (I asterisked that, not him)
[2:57] Jellie: not by assholes like you
[2:57] Jellie: muted

Hahahaha! She’s little, she’s cute, she says YAYYYYY, but she’s Jells Bells and you should never forget it. I think he ‘neweds’ to go back to school 😀

/me disengages bish mode

After this we had a real laugh, first at Jellie’s set (sorry I missed my dedication) and then at Liela Core’s set. Wow that chick plays the kind of music I love. I have to confess to making a few notes of ones to steal for my own sets.

Last night me and Thom didn’t go on SL, we had a chat in skype and then he went back to watching a film he’d already been watching for an hour and had an estimated 2 hours left… 2012. I inadvertently mentioned that I’d read it was pants and indeed he says it was, absolutely rotten stinkin’ pants. So guys n gals, don’t bother.

The night before however, we revisited ‘A Perfect World’ – a film from about 15 years ago about a convict who takes a little boy hostage and their relationship. It’s still amazing all these years later and we both cried like babies. Needless to say I shall be saying ‘Hell Yeah’ and ‘Hell No’ for some time yet.

In fact, Thom has requested that I work more on my Texan accent so that we can do ‘the rude’ in Texan. Hmm… I’ll consider that particular kink in my own time.

For now, Yeeeeeehaw, from me to you xox

4 thoughts on “Club Life – Disk and other kinds of Jockeys

  1. Trust me when I say it was a pleasure to ban the 'Complete Knob'; his alt is one that demands respect,but I think Meri's name for him sums it up. My fave part of the conversation was this:[2:55] Complete Knob: if you dont like it boot me[2:55] jellie Arrowmint: guess what?[2:55] Avatar ejected./me shakes her booty.P.s Sorry for swearing Mom xoxo

  2. Agree completely with Meri about earning respect! Great job, Jels! And Perfect World is a great movie … didn't Clint Eastwood direct Kevin Costner?

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