Gah Pff and Huff

There is a rule in my house, the cook doesn’t clean up the kitchen. And that seems fair enough to me. Speshly as I’m normally the one cooking. So this morning when I got up to find that the dirty dishes from the awesome jaw dropping carbonara I made yesterday were still there, I was far from impressed.

In addition, I walked through the (empty) house to find that the last person to leave it had left the back door wide open – with me asleep in bed – so I could have been murdered in my sleep or, (worse) a burglar could have crept in and found out what a skanky ho I am, still having yesterday’s dishes in the kitchen.

With a steely eye and a somewhat sulky bottom lip, I decided to go into SL, land of no dirty dishes or being molested in your sleep and do a set at AAi <))).

T’was while I was sharing the seductive mysteries of music with other people that I realised how little I look at avas these days. When I first started, I used to cam people all the time, and I suppose I lost interest – we’re all so fooking gorgeous you see, it gets boring.

So I took a few snapshots to share with you… people who come to the club. The thing that lifted my spirits today is that we all go into SL quite similar, fairly ugly, dull skin, horrible clothes and evil hair. We come out the other end an expression of our real selves. Either how we’d like to look, or how we’d like the freedom to look or in some cases, exactly how we do look in rl. Fascinating stuff.

So here goes…

The lovely and fabulously detailed Squiddly Tox

Punky Boy Vali Rau, an atypical punk with a very realistic face

Liela Core – une belle francais

Das Tungsten – his tattoos are a map to him I think, have a ganzer

I love self expression, Ava’s are a form of art and sometimes I wish I was a bit braver, or wilder or erm… more arty 🙂

What do you think?

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