Tick Tick Boom!

Where the hell does time go? It flies past with absolutely no consideration to important things like… blog updates, the relative elasticity of my skin or whether I have remembered to defrost any appropriate items for dinner. (Result is about one blog update a week; don’t even go there when talking about my firmness and no dinner again – I’ll have a P&J sanger).

So, this was the week that was…

I went out playing with Cisa, she was on a racetrack with her new scooter and said I could come along for the ride

We went so fast with my fat ass on the back that it was unable to even blow round the little sails on our safety helmets. After some considerable time (bout 4 mins, due to us both having very short attention spans) we moved on to another place where we raced – well I did anyway – and then went on the dodgems

She was a vicious dodgemer and I got a few bruises as she merrily careered round laughing her head off and trying to kill me (note to self: choose friends carefully)


Later the same day… birds still flying around my head as I recovered from concussion… I went over to AAi’s Secret Garden to make some more changes. I’ve put in a small but functional pond up the hill, with waterfall AAANNND (don’t pee your pants in excitement) a fully functional 7seas server and vendor. So you can fish there and catch actual fish and then they swim around your head and you can build things from the parts and all sorts. Wow, someone fetch me a mop 😉

Thom seemed to like it and I took the opportunity to take a photo of his ass

You’re probably thinking, what is a pond and waterfall doing on top of a hill anyway? surely that is most an unlikely phenomenon in nature? Well yeah admittedly it is, but I thought wth, it’s SL, we can do whatever we want.

I was over at Mason’s shop place the other day (MK Designs, AV Match and 2nd Hub talking about land and I noticed a lovely swing which as soon as he logged off, I edited, prim raped and went and purchased from the seller. It’s soooo cute, but hell I can’t get it to face the right way. Luckily it offers a position whereby I can still look out over the lake.

Thom doesn’t seem to mind and is kind enough to hang on to my ass nice and tight, to avoid me falling off. How sweet 🙂

Life otherwise is fine and dandy, it’s going to be quite a RL intensive week, so I don’t know how much I’ll have to blog about SL next week, but if Thom doesn’t behave himself when we go away this weekend, I should have plenty to spill anyway.

What do you think?

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