Gettin jiggy with the bloggy

Well, How YOU doin’?

I’m feeling great today. The sun is out, the birds are singing, got signed in 10 minutes and nobody nicked my phone or beat me up on the way out of the Job Centre. Ahh, it’s a beautiful world.

The last week has been great too 🙂

Last Thursday at Vali Rau’s awesome punk set (Thursdays 1pm – 3pm slt AAi), Bootits died! (Yeah I know that’s sposed to be a sad thing, but at least I got a snapshot)

Boo does tend to keep things ‘fresh’ by turning up at the club either as a guy or a girl, or a fawn (pictured above) by dying, fainting, falling over, changing from one form to another partway through the set. He’s the poster boy for Portugal and I think we’re all a little bit in love with his virtual insanity (no reference or nod to Jamiroquai here)

Then August arrived for her early morning work out and dance session, the conversation turned to chocolate (why does that always happen? Hmm? Sex or chocolate… chocolate or sex… sex with chocolate! /me wanders off to find a suitable penis shaped mould and a large bar of cadburys)

So she turned into “M&M Aug”, not to be confused with Eminem, poor Detroit trailer trash, embittered by his upbringing and a bit Oedipal about his mother. (Wow that could apply to so many people – if you read that and think, OMG she means me! Get help, seriously)

There’s a new gesture doing the rounds. I am not much into gestures – aside from the classic and unstoppable yay, hoo and tune ones. This one deserves special mention cus it kinda goes Woooooo! and stretches your ava. So uber geek it’s cool. I have two photos of people who Woooo’d and the wind changed though, so don’t try this at home kids.

The usually stunning Babette Bellios (our Babs to her friends) getting physical


Thomas “Ten Inches” Thaler – as he likes to be called (he’s referring to the amount of Jamesons he likes in a glass with his ginger I think) As you can see, I couldn’t even fit all of him on this picture he was soooo long.

Last night (Wednesday) on sl, Graz Firecaster’s Jukebox Fury exploded into the club and brought with it about 25 avas, I mean… wtf? It was a fab night, it was rammed. And all this before Cosmic arrived and decided to boogie in the middle of the dancefloor

I’m still trying to figure out what is different about Cos… I think maybe he has done something with his hair? Answers on a postcard please.

Josielo and I were talking last night about organising a mass ‘Arf’ conga in the club, this basically would be everyone pretending to bonk each others ass as we dance around the club in line. I suggested that we girls have to co-ordinate our ‘horny week’ to do this to best effect. So can we please synchronise our cycles…. now! Thanks 🙂

Monday this week was special, not just in the way that Mondays are always special (I get to play at the fabulous Pig and Whistle, owned by Ai Nieuport and Babette Bellios) But also because it was my Dad’s 70th birthday.

We had a little party for him in the daytime, and I appreciate that this sounds like he’s a fragile little old man but believe me, he’d rather have been partying hard and singing all night. I hope that he had a good time anyway, and I thought I’d post a little picture of him and me that was taken, showing what a smasher he is 🙂

(I look a bit simple cus the sun was in my eyes and cus erm… well that’s just how I look)

Well… I think that’s about all for now. I’m on a promise for this afternoon and have to go and shine up Thom’s gimp suit.

🙂 grosses bisses

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