A long time ago, back in the 80s, when I was a little girl, when boys had mullets and waaay before I had any idea why I liked guys, never mind any idea what to do with one, I found myself *ahem* drawn to certain people.

And nowadays, I’m still drawn to certain people of course. In fact, me and Thom have a ‘Five allowed’ system. The idea is that there is a pre-stated list of famous people that – should the opportunity arise – you are allowed a night with, no questions asked, without it affecting your relationship.

So, in the spirit of Then and Now, I’ve done my list from then (when all I wanted was an autograph) and now (when I wouldn’t mind carrying their prim babies)

Leroy from Fame (faints) I mean, he walked in for that audition, strutted his funky stuff, did THAT dance move and I wondered why there were no boys like that in my dance class.

Don’t you ever, don’t you ever, stop being dandy, showing me you’re handsome. Sadly, we all know that Adam did stop being dandy and showing us he was handsome, but time can do that to a guy. I remember standing stock still in front of the TV thinking the junior version of Prhroagr!

Oh Nik, Nik! do you need help to figure out the riddle? Help backcombing your hair? I quite literally outgrew Nik when I found out he was only 5’4″ tall.

Morten… oh the cheekbones. I could have used them to slice cheese. At 14 years older than me, my biggest fear was that the hussy from the ‘Take on Me’ video would snap him up before I grew up enough for him to know he was meant for me.

At 13 years older than me, I didn’t think that John Taylor would be around for me when I was old enough either… so I gave up on him only to find that he married Amanda de Cadenet in 1991, who was one year older than me at that stage.

Meh, by that time I’d moved onto real men anyway 😀

So that was then…

… This is now

It’s a cliche – Bradders – but in my defence, I never fancied him one little bit before I saw Fight Club and since then, in my opinion, every step he has taken away from the baby faced Brad of Thelma and Louise has been an improvement. Brad in his 40s – Rawrrrr

Eric Bana – he’s a good actor, a fabulous actor really. A truly nice guy, he’s aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi. And um *whispers* he’s hot.

Jim Caviezel – I have got to admit, I’d never heard of the guy until he starred in the remake of the Prisoner on TV. The show was supposed to be good, however I wouldn’t know. Jim spent far too much time wandering around half naked or in a open white linen shirt for me to take any of the storyline on board.

Liam – I know, he’s getting old now. But he’s lovely, a real sweetie. He’s got a lovely voice, face, eyes and I bet he always has a kind word for everyone. Now I’ve just described him like your favourite uncle, let me jolt you from that warm soft place by saying that I also can’t completely ignore the rumours (yeah you know what rumours).

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – oh the eyes! Nothing more needs to be said I think 🙂


Never let it be said that I’m not shallow :)))

8 thoughts on “THEN AND NOW…

  1. Oh wow Ai, you absolutely must see it, it's an incredible film. Not at all what you'd expect from the title. Hands you a mop 🙂

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