Territorial? Me? Too right!

A long long time ago, rl Thom accused rl me of being territorial in the kitchen. I thought this was a pretty low jibe and denied it vigorously (while beating him with a pan).

This week has left me wondering about my territorial nature… I got home from my favourite trip out of the week (see previous blogs) to find a car parked right across my driveway. Right at the same time I saw an estate agent and a couple come out of the house next door and I thought ‘Ah Ok, it’s them and they will apologise and move the car’, so I did a nifty move over my other neighbours driveway and down onto my drive and parked and got out of the car and looked at the people – AND THEY JUST IGNORED ME AND WALKED OFF DOWN THE STREET.

Well! This sent me into a full Meldrew mode. I pulled the blind down in the kitchen so I could see them and they couldn’t see me and watched. Then I got frustrated and wrote a note, it went like this…

Hi, please do not park across my driveway, thanks and a smiley. And I put it under the windscreen wiper and went back to watch. Nothing happened. Then my Mum rang so I told her about it while watching and then took a photo with my mobile while she empathised.

Then they came back, got into the car ignoring the note and drove off. GAaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Utter utter bar stewards. Anyway he was dark haired, medium height and build and otherwise non descript and she was blonde with dark roots, about 6 months pregnant and similarly unremarkable, they were in their early 30s and if you see anyone fitting that description in that car, shout at them for me please.

Italian hand gestures are also acceptable 🙂

In SL in the meantime, I have no car so have not had this problem.

On Wednesday last week I went to Graz Firecaster’s set at AAi (1-3pm slt)

He played his stuff, we took the pee outta him. You know, same old but good. Anyway, part way through Vali Rau (see picture below) who plays Punk and assorted good stuff on Thursdays at AAi 1-3pm slt arrived and began to be norty. He passed out various gestures and sillyness and then he sat right in front of the tipping pic making off with as much as 13 lindens (at least half of Graz’s takings that night lol)

So he’s umm… on the WANTED list. If you see him, for god’s sake tip him to stop him taking others 🙂

We welcomed another new DJ to AAi last week (Weds 3-5pm slt) Rychatt Zepp plays indie and alt for us now and he’s such a nice geezer. Drop in and say HAI.

I went to Cos’s set at the Pig and Whistle last Thursday night (1-3pm slt), down on the beach for a change.

Something occurred to me while I was camming round; You know how some people grow to look like their pets? Well it seems some of them have their pets put on tshirts too 😀

Final SL observation for the week was this…

When did our Jells get all growed up? Where has old Jellie or Jellie baby gone? I can almost see Thom weeping over her baby hoodies :/

Final RL observation this week goes to a not very often mentioned character – the person I am separated from but live with part time as friends at the moment (complicated life alert) – we will call him erm… Jim.

We got a new loaf of bread, it was uncut. He went to slice some and was gone some time. When he came back through it went like this…

ME: ‘Got some flour on you there Jim!’
JIM: ‘Where?’
ME: ‘There look, on your leg’ (Jim looks at wrong leg)
ME: ‘Other leg’ (Jim looks at cat)
JIM: ‘I don’t see any’
ME: ‘Grrr’

So I got my camera, took a photo and said ‘LOOK! THERE’ ‘Oh, yeah’ said Jim.

I put this not because Jim is in any way stupid, he’s a very clever man, but because he is unconcerned about flour, legs, looking for them and blogs but is pure comedy sometimes 🙂

Anyway… to those of you who make mine and other lives better I send a big kiss and to those others, who try to pee me off and stop me smiling … I send you this 😀

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