Rainbows and birds and kittens

Late on last Thursday night I was having problems in SL… I know, you’re thinking so what’s new? But honestly? I’ve not had many SL problems for a long time now. I’d had some problems with currency and when it came time for Thom and I to go home and sit in our deck chairs (not code for kinky sex by the way) I decided to relog.

Great BIG Mistake

Yep I ended up in the bin, with about 3000 other avas. I knew how important this chill out time was to Thom so I battled for about 3 hours (’bout 10 minutes in real time) to teleport home and finally managed it… without hair, an ao, any prims etc.

Thom rewarded me for my persistence by laughing ’til he weed his pants saying things like

‘Oh I think you have two broken legs look! They’re bent the wrong way’


‘You look really horrible, doesn’t look like you at all’


‘OMG you’re bald and your face is different’

So, perhaps unsurprisingly I huffed off and said he could talk to me in Skype.

I went to bed that night hoping the next morning would bring me a really super lie in, because I needed sleep and that the fairies would sprinkle lucky dust on my pillow for once.

Friday morning, 8am… I am awoken by a man with a big tool

Yeah, definitely not what I had in mind either. I leapt out of bed, whipped open my curtains thinking what is that BLOOMIN noise? And saw that! Well, because I am sad I immediately thought about how I would blog that and have a jolly good moan and so I took a photo on my mobile (blurry as you can see cus I could barely open my eyes yet). When I did focus after taking the photo, I realised he was looking back, and then I realised I was naked. Not a sexy ‘oops’ kind of naked either, more of a ‘Jesus that woman is having a bad hair day and showing me her bingo wings’ kind of naked. 😦

I crept off downstairs.

The rest of the day was okay, taking into account the real start of the World Cup and the weekend all in one day. I decided to just kind of ignore it and it would go away. Seems to be working so far.

Saturday was kinda nice… This is where the rainbow comes in!

Sunday, Thom and I resolved to get our asses out of bed in the morning and go to Ice Halderman’s set at AAi. Despite Ice and Leelii being two of my fave people in SL, I have not blogged about them so far. Perhaps this is because they are well behaved, no trouble, no drama and therefore, no rampant hot gossip. But why would I reward bad behaviour? Hmm?

Ice and Leelii live together in upside down cake land, so their evening is my morning and vice versa. They met on SL and despite Ice’s bad jokes, moved in together RL. I have seen photos of Leelii with whiskers and ears (RL Neko it seems – it really does take all sorts) and also fishing, so I’m pretty sure she’s real. The only photo anyone has seen of Ice is one taken at his high school prom, but lets face it, if you were going to make up a personality, you’d keep the really bad jokes to a minimum 😉

I love Mondays, I get the house to myself, I can do all the bits and bobs I didn’t get to do over the weekend and I get to organise my set for later. It was a full five minutes before the poop monster visited me and shat on my head. I had opened the living room window nice and wide and was sat at my computer contemplating life and SL etc. when my cat jumps up and walks in the window about a foot in front of my face with the biggest hugest most fat pigeon ever in it’s mouth. I screamed and waved my arms at him to get out.

I then slammed the window shut, and the curtains and waited ’til I stopped shaking before looking again. I felt minorly guilty about the bird, but I was fairly sure it was dead as it didn’t seem to have a head.

When I did next look after half an hour, the cat had dropped him at perfect viewing distance of my window and ripped out it’s innards. I shut the curtains again after narrowly avoiding puking on my window sill and they stayed shut until this afternoon when I realised that apart from a foot and a lot of feathers, the bird had gone. Thank God!

I know it’s the nature of cats to kill, but it breaks my heart to see ‘Mommy’s special soldier’ acting that way. He’s so cute. The only guy that has killed more birds than him is Ted Bundy and I’m now wondering if his mother felt the same way :(((( (I’m sorry that was grossly insensitive).

I’m still (Wednesday night) not talking to MSS, and he’s keeping a low profile.

Monday night was my set at the Pig and Whistle, as usual, and I had a real fun time. I played some absolute shite and some quite good stuff and some stuff that shouldn’t be good but is – you know the mix.

My evening was topped off by Lupo’s compliment ‘You’re tough and sweet’. Wow, now that is damn smooth 🙂 What girl doesn’t want to be told that? I pointed it out to Thom and he said something along the lines of ‘Yeah? Well you are’. I have to say, I liked that just as much.. am I a sap? Oh god yes.

Last night (Tuesday) me and Thom decided to go out and do something different in SL. He had suggested it earlier in the day and I was imagining whirling around a romantic dancefloor in a full length dress while he whispered sweet nothings in my ear (Yeah I know)

Anyway, turns out he had something completely different in mind! Get a load of this

Yep that’s me being attacked my a mutant post apocalyptic crab monster (and the huge bit you can see is it’s mouth!)

and this is Thom shooting zombies with the AK47 I happened to have in my handbag. I know, if I were a better photographer there would be a zombie in the photo. It was a right good laugh and we’re going to organise some kind of team to go over the and clear out the godamn mo fo’ing erm thingies. If I were a better blogger I’d have put in an SURL, but I promise I’ll get one and make an edit.

So, that was the week that was…

2 thoughts on “Rainbows and birds and kittens

  1. I have been very distracted lately, with RL being very naughty and intrusive … I have just switched off the phone and read this article!! LMAO You are a real inspiration Meri … You always cheer me up*S*

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