Cats, Nups and Noobs

Well Hello Darlinks!

I’ve had a simply super week, with the exception of yesterday which was self-grumpicising.

Last Friday, RL Thom went on a fishing competition which lasted until Sunday morning and this left me all alone in SL. Bwahahhahaha.

That night I went onto SL wondering what to do and saw a notice from the Pig and Whistle that Thanatos and Shelley were doing a Burlesque themed evening, so I bunged on my hat and sussies and sauntered on over.

Babs, Ai, Than, Shelley, Cosmic and a lovely selection of ladies were there to a wide variety of tunes from Than. Cos asked me to dance and as he was a cat, I was quite relieved he didn’t mean smoochy dancing (as cats have spiky tongues).

After this, Cos asked if I fancied a fight, or indeed a shooting match (This qualifies as foreplay in the rural Arse of England) and we went off target shooting at a little place he found.

I whooped his hairy cat ass, I called him a pussy as I beat him on accuracy and amount over and over again. However, it was a right laugh and he made sure I had a good time. The next day he claimed he was very drunk and gave that as an explanation as to why he’d been beaten by a gurl. Rematch! is what I say.

On Saturday I’d been invited to Das and Spider’s wedding at 6pm UK time and in the day I went out shopping for a suitable gift for them – I found a rather nice landscape in three parts, it was kind of modern but very attractive – and a new outfit, of course!

As their many friends filled the sim, I took my seat and waited for the arrival of the Bride. Das stood at the front fidgeting and looking nervous, but very smart indeed.

Spider arrived in a stunning white lace dress, fashionably late of course and joined Das at the front for their vows.

The promises they made to each other were very touching and there were a few hankies flying about. After the wedding itself, we were all asked to walk up to the purpose built dance floor area and after we’d watched the first dance, everyone coupled up to dance with each other. The one down side of going to a wedding alone is that there is nobody to dance with, but luckily Perl Hesse was also there and alone, so we made like a couple of old spinsters boogying away.

Sunday, Thom came back from fishing having been bitten to death by mozzies and gotten sunstroke, so he wasn’t able to do his set that night. Overnight and the next day his right foot became so swollen I started to call him Bilbo Baggins.

These are a photo of Thom’s actual feet, aren’t they lovely?

… and he wants me to suck his toes – I think not.

Monday I did a truly simperingly awful set – Pop Princesses – I fear the irony was lost on many people, as was the blinding pink of my outfit, but hey – it was still great fun. I shall be returning to form next week with a mixed set, although I can’t swear I won’t stick in some kind of vileness to catch everyone out 😉

Afterwards, me and Thom went home and settled down on our sunbeds for our chilltime and got on voice.

Soon afterwards, a noob tottered into sight, coming to a standstill at the foot of my sunbed

(By the way, you can click on all these photos to see a much larger version)

[15:15] FilipeSilva Houley: hiii
[15:15] Mericat Ireland: hi filipe
[15:16] FilipeSilva Houley: found this place
[15:16] FilipeSilva Houley: is your house?
[15:16] Mericat Ireland: yes it is
[15:16] Mericat Ireland: new to sl?
[15:16] FilipeSilva Houley: yes
[15:16] Mericat Ireland: how are you liking it?
[15:16] FilipeSilva Houley: sl is good
[15:16] FilipeSilva Houley: but i dont have a girfriend
[15:16] Mericat Ireland: haha
[15:16] Thomas Thaler: lol
[15:17] Mericat Ireland: sorry for laughing
[15:17] FilipeSilva Houley: you have?
[15:17] Mericat Ireland: yes, thom is right here
[15:17] FilipeSilva Houley: ok
[15:18] Mericat Ireland: thom say hi
[15:18] Thomas Thaler: hi filipe

Filipe then took a seat first on Thom’s sunbed and then decided he didn’t like it there and settled at the foot of mine

Now, everyone who knows me will know I’m a little soft on noobs, I just can’t help thinking how cute they are and yeah I know, most of them are middle aged men looking for a bunk up, but hey, gotta give them the benefit of the doubt, haven’t I?

[15:18] FilipeSilva Houley: hi
[15:18] FilipeSilva Houley: i like Mericat
[15:18] FilipeSilva Houley: is hot
[15:19] Thomas Thaler: yeah she is filipe but taken i’m afraid
[15:19] Thomas Thaler: where else have you been filipe ?
[15:19] FilipeSilva Houley: mericat is your girfriend?
[15:20] Thomas Thaler: yes filipe
[15:20] FilipeSilva Houley: excuse
[15:21] FilipeSilva Houley: want to do one scene the three
[15:21] FilipeSilva Houley: apology
[15:21] Thomas Thaler: ok filipe .. are you asking for a threesome ?
[15:21] Thomas Thaler: do you have a cock yet ?
[15:22] FilipeSilva Houley: fuck you
[15:22] FilipeSilva Houley: im fuck you girfriend
[15:22] FilipeSilva Houley: and she likes me
[15:22] Avatar frozen.

At this point I am shocked into silence and Thom is laughing like a drain in my ear. He said ‘leave it to me’. However, I couldn’t resist finding a noob cock I keep in my invent and placing it in it’s rightful place on Filipe’s body (yes, his head of course)

[15:22] Thomas Thaler: even though you are dickless ?
[15:23] Thomas Thaler: and an ugly twat ?
[15:23] FilipeSilva Houley: you is ugly
[15:23] FilipeSilva Houley: she likes me
[15:23] Thomas Thaler: i’m not the one with a dick on his head
[15:23] Thomas Thaler: take a look
[15:23] FilipeSilva Houley: fuck you

At this point Filipe got up and climbed onto Thom’s sunbed, like he’d like a fight, or indeed a snog. I froze him again – cus I am norty that way.

[15:23] Avatar frozen.
[15:25] Thomas Thaler: do you like men filipe ?
[15:25] Thomas Thaler: cus you seem to like me
[15:25] FilipeSilva Houley: you like mem
[15:25] Thomas Thaler: mem ?
[15:25] FilipeSilva Houley: i like your girlfriend

And with that, he ran off into the sunset, over the hills and far away. Hopefully never to be seen again. I have to admit though, I was feeling the chemistry between us 😀

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