Meri thru’ the Looking Glass

Ever have a day that seems a tad surreal? Where strange things happen and you’re not quite sure how to deal with them? Seems like every time I step foot out of the house something mad happens…

Yesterday I went out to the little village shopping area up the road from me. I like it because it’s like something from ‘League of Gentlemen’. It has a butchers, a bakers, a candlestick makers (a chemist, post office, general store, hairdressers etc too).

I parked up on double yellow lines outside the shops, as all the designated parking spaces were full (don’t think too badly of me, everybody does there) and was about to begin my wandering when my phone rang, so I got back in the car and chatted to Thom for 20 mins or so, before getting out of the car and walking away. At this point I hear a massive parping behind me (NO!) and looked round and saw…

Yes, a big huge lorry and a very cross looking man waving his arms around. I stopped and watched him flail ineffectively in his cab for a minute and then realised that in neanderthal, he was indicating that he would like me to move my car into a space that had now become available behind me, so that he could park his lorry to deliver his bread.

I contemplated waving my arms back and making cross faces at him, but thought that ultimately this would do no good as he was right 😦

I moved my car. As I walked from it towards the shop – and also the lorry – he wound his window down and we had a short convo thus

GESTICULATOR: Thanks so much for doing that *smiles*
ME: Er, you’re welcome. You are quite right, but as I had been there for about 20 minutes I did not notice that a parking space had become available
GESTICULATOR: Well, I do appreciate it, most people would have just told me to F*@k off *smiles again*
ME: I see, would they. Well, glad to help. *does not smile*

So I carried on, did my shop and stopped to write a birthday card on the counter, while chatting with the nice gay lad who works there.

Then, the Lorry Driver walks in, demands the shop lad comes out to help him unload and is suitably rebuked when he is told he’ll have to wait until he has finished helping customers. The Lorry Driver immediately becomes friendlier and backs out of the shop. Shop boy and I exchange sanctimonious little nods and mutterings about people who might be having a bad day etc.

Just as I finish sticking my stamp on the card and pick up my bags, the Lorry Driver comes back in with his paperwork and catches sight of me, and this is where it gets odd

GESTICULATOR: Oh thank you again for moving your car
ME: No problem
GESTICULATOR: Would you like to have a drink with me?
ME: What? Now?
GESTICULATOR: Well no, at some other time
ME: Erm, well no. Thanks but no.
GESTICULATOR: Why did you say ‘What? Now?’ then if you don’t want to?
ME: Er, I don’t know, I just don’t want to thank you

He left the shop again and the shop boy said ‘He’s definitely having a bad day now’ and we giggled a bit.

I left the shop to the tune of the Twilight Zone.

Then I went along to the Butchers, feeling discombobulated and ordered 4 cumberland sausages and a farmhouse loaf (they do great bread there for some reason).

The over jolly young butcher served me, as usual. He has adopted a personality based on a nice roly poly middle aged man, which doesn’t entirely suit as he is about 20 and skinny.

Anyway, I digress. He put my purchases in my bag and said ‘I used to want to be a baker but I couldn’t get the dough together’.

I laughed politely and waited and he said ‘I also wanted to be a doctor but didn’t have the patience/patients’.

I smiled this time only, fearing that a little laughter would egg him on. And eventually he said £3.70, and I paid him and ran away back to my car.

I don’t tend to go out often enough alone and those close to me have worried that I might be agrophobic. I assure you readers… I am far from it, I am simply dangerous and a target for every loon in a five mile radius.

Thom has a theory that I am such a nice, open, friendly person that people wrongly think they have made a ‘special’ connection with me and that this causes them to act in an over-familiar manner. I think he’s too kind and that I have the words ‘loon magnet’ written somewhere only they can see.

In addition, when I do go out I spend ABSURD amounts of money on things I don’t need.

This money running like water through my fingers experience applies also to SL. I found a shop that probably everybody else knows about already that sells nice shiny shoes. Oooooh. It’s even on a sim called Heels. How cool is that?

Anyway it’s link time – this is the SURL for the shop – it’s called N-Core.

and look… look at the shiny things

Things at pocket rocket music super haus AAi <))) have been a little quiet. Most club owners and managers accept that warmer weather and major events (like the world cup) have an effect on attendance.

It’s just a case of going with the flow, trying to keep things both familiar and yet fresh so that regulars don’t become fed up and also, in the case of AAi, doing what we’re really good at and making newcomers welcome.

AAi was built small on purpose. It was never meant to be a 24/7 high traffic venue. It’s warm, intimate and familiar – a home from home – and I was delighted to be shown a fabulous blog post by a recent newcomer to AAi, Pixie Arcana. You can visit her blog entry about AAi here. I have to say, it really made me smile.

Acceptance and belonging are the keystones of AAi and I am happy to continue to work alongside other clubs in the indie arena, not competing for traffic, but in trying to be inclusive and a bit unusual at the same time 🙂

In other news… I have had a pc virus, issues, problems and things to whinge about, but do I let it get me down? Not for bloody long I don’t :)))

Stay happy people, because it’s the only thing that’s worth anything. Slurpy Kisses.

One thought on “Meri thru’ the Looking Glass

  1. Lololol … Yet again you have cheered me up *S*I definitely agree with Thom though … you are just a very, very nice person *S*I will take this opportunity to mention that N-Core have very regular NEW designs … thank god!! I always need a new pair of shoes *S*

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