The Deliveryman Always Rings Twice

Lots of ladies enjoy the company of small mechanical friends. No, I’m not talking about R2D2 here, but of even smaller and more battery powered pals. Some ladies have rabbits, and clever devices that look like they may also remove teeth and some of us prefer more… natural looking friends.

Are you with me on this? I realise I’m touching on something of a taboo, if you are following my meaning. If you are not following my meaning then please wind up your clockwork jumping frog and play happily with it for the next few mins. (You should be safe to rejoin the blog at the point where I say, I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life).

The other day, Thom and I had been spending some quality time together in SL and I was down in my living room. After we had finished, I decided to go and wash my friend ‘Percy’ (I named him after a favourite penguin) and I placed him on the bannister rail in my hallway, so that I would remember to take him back upstairs and put him in my bedside drawer where he lives.

And then I pootled around for a bit, watched a bit of TV, called my Mum – usual stuff.

The doorbell rang (you’re way ahead of me here aren’t you?) and I answered it and it was the parcel delivery person, collecting a parcel from Next that I was returning. He was a bit churlish and miserable and demanded that I provide him with the signable receipt. Well could I find the receipt? No. I searched and searched, leaving him standing at the door, waiting.

When I got back to the door, sans receipt, he seemed a bit more cheerful and reassured me that instead, he would pop back the next day and drop a receipt in for me. I thanked him sincerely for his kindness and he left.

I closed the door and turned around to see O.0. Horrors! Percy still sitting on the bannister rail in all his glory. In plain view of the door. I died a little inside that day.

The next day the delivery person rang my doorbell again and I ignored it, and he pushed the receipt through the door and I breathed a small sigh of relief.

I have NEVER been so embarrassed in my life!

Welcome back clockwork frog lovers. Hope you had fun 🙂


SL has not been kind to me of late, leading to various clothing disasters. On Thursday night I went out in a very odd outfit indeed, the underknickers from a prim skirt and a top I didn’t know I was wearing. Needless to say, nobody was rude enough to tell me I looked shocking and I didn’t find out until I got home and asked Thom if my cleavage enhancer made much of a difference. We compared photos

So yeah, I looked not stunning and my eyes were grey and blurry, but! the cleavage enhancer does work. So Yay! Go cleavage enhancers!

Then on Sunday, I managed to turn up at AAi topless :/ Not great… it took Annie Anton .3 of a second to IM me and tell me (thank you Gafia gurl) and the boys somewhat longer -.-

Sometimes, rezzing is cruel. I think it is fixed now but I have had to check outfits with various friends over the last few days to make sure I don’t look an idiot* in public. (* That is, in my terms, some may think I look an idiot in an outfit I have chosen to wear)

All seemed to have returned to normal by last night when I went over to AAi to see Kimberley Sixpence do her mod set. Great tunes as usual and she looked reet funky, so I had to take a pic. You can also see the delovely Aston in the background.

In other club related news… (puts on clip on tie and faces camera)

Ice Halderman is now not leaving SL and is staying on at AAi as our Sunday DJ, which is marvellous! Sadly, Leelii Flanaghan is not going to be DJing any more on a Tuesday, which is very sad news.

The fabulous and confusicating Iggy Soup is starting at AAi on Thursday nights with ‘The Soup Kitchen’ drop in all ye homeless strays for something warming. It will be worth it, I assure you.

Thom and I are going to be having one of our short ‘club holidays’ which doesn’t mean we won’t be around at all, but does mean we’ll be doing a bit more touristing in SL and visiting places we don’t get to much. Be assured, we still love ya’s.

Big hugs to you all, til next time xox Meri

NEWSFLASH: At some point over the next few days I am going to be doing a review of fabulous shop Bottle Bird and showing you some of their stuff. Keep your eyes peeled.

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