Flirting and Squirting

I know I normally write about actual things that have happened to me during the week, and I will get on to some of that for sure, but I wanted to look at the subject of my reputation within SL.

As everyone knows I think, in FL I am a shy and retiring little flower, happiest when knitting hats for kittens and pruning my erm (nips off into google) hibiscus!

In SL for some reason, I seem to have got a reputation for being a flirt. Some days I ask myself how it is even possible because I’m one of the least flirty people I know.

And then Thom and I had a conversation about me not feeling very well that day and certainly not up to any schenanagins…

Thomas Thaler: next time meri gets horny and i have a headache
Thomas Thaler: i will resist all temptations
Thomas Thaler: including .. but not limited to
Thomas Thaler: sucking finger
Mericat Ireland: haha
Thomas Thaler: wiggling ass
Mericat Ireland: hahah
Thomas Thaler: revealing cleavage
Thomas Thaler: then talking about dirty vids
Mericat Ireland: the saying of mmhmm
Thomas Thaler: yep that too
Mericat Ireland: hair twiddling
Mericat Ireland: tongue clicking
Thomas Thaler: yeah
Mericat Ireland: winking
Thomas Thaler: yep
Mericat Ireland: okay hun, it’s good to note these things for yourself, I wouldn’t want you to feel taken advantage of.

But! In my defence, those appear to be physical ‘tells’ of flirting that would not be visible within SL.

I put it to you, my friends, my judge and jury, that actually, I am not a flirt at all, it’s all in YOUR minds 🙂

P.S. Arfing doesn’t count as flirting, it’s a sign of affection.


Last weekend was Pixelfest, a music festival organised by Lucifer Bates and RussodelRusso Husar at the Looni Bin. A wide variety of acts and DJ’s were on and I was to follow Elvis. Yep, not something many can claim!

I organised my set the day before and was feeling fiiiiine, I love things like that – until I got there and then upon seeing Elvis and his band on the huge stage with their huge shiny twirly props I thought ‘How the hell am I going to be able to follow that?’

I have to ‘fess, it was not all down to staging either, Bubba was really good, the way he talked to the crowd and joked around was so professional and relaxed.

So yeah, I was scared. But I was heartened by the fact that most people stuck around after Bubbaelvis had gone to listen to my set and to solve the fact that I was one small ava on one huge stage without twirly things to make me look biiiiiiiiiiig, I got some of my friends up dancing with me.

As I said on stream between songs ‘I’m not Elvis, I can’t fill the stadium, but hell, at least I can fill the stage’

It was fab – a great event, organised by some great people. Those folks at the Looni Bin sure know how to make you feel welcome. I will most definitely be going over to say hi.

I’ve deliberately left this until last because it made me laugh soooooooo hard.

The names have been changed to protect the unpeed upon.

Anyone who has been to one of my sets before knows that if you don’t dance, I threaten to pee on your shoes. Well it was a big stage and I felt that I probably couldn’t aim accurately enough to pee on anyone’s shoes, so… I said;

Mericat Ireland: Now dance afore i spray pee
Mericat Ireland: YEEEEEHAAAWWWWW!!!!!!
Hermon Hammerer: lol mericat
P*nd*ra Br**db*n: Have we just been threatened with urine?
P*nd*ra leaves

Hmm… yep. I threatened an audience with ‘urine’ – grins. Just goes to show, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Ironically, I nearly peed my pants laughing. Poetic justice some might say. Punk lives through Mericat Ireland hahahahaa!

Many thanks to Loonia,, Hermon, Janus, Lucifer and Russo for putting up with me.


Finally, I took some photos yesterday and here are some gratuitous Meri photos, just cus I’m vain that way

I do love playing with photos from SL and in these, I have messed around a bit with backgrounds, in one I’ve put in a camera – as you can see – but I have not airbrushed the ava – so hey, I can’t be that vain 🙂

I have to go to the Dentist this afternoon because a tooth has been hurting – wah. So I’ll catch you all again soon.

Big loves and thank you for another week of fun

3 thoughts on “Flirting and Squirting

  1. Hahaha … Does the topic of "urine" come up so often as to need it's own label? O.oFlirting, at it's best, is a subtle art form. And from what I can tell … Yes you are!

  2. Meri can't be a flirt because I've known her over a year and it's taken that long to notice she has great breasts, and that was only cos she asked me to look at a demo tattoo. In fact I was slightly taken aback to discover she is in fact a woman.

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