Guess who’s back…

Oh alright, I know I’ve been back from my holiday for a whole week and no blog entry, but honest guv, I have good reasons.

I’ll get to them in good time…

First off I want to share ‘Neighbours II’ with you. You may recall an unfortunate series of incidents in my last blog post relating to my new neighbours. Well, I read Mae’s comment and decided that probably was the way to go and got myself ready to go out one day to shop with half a mind to buy them a tin of biscuits or some flowers or a “Welcome to your new home” card (although I didn’t know their names so decided against that).

I got into my car and realised belatedly that there was someone outside on next door’s drive and immediately felt silly. So I decided to ignore them for now, get on with my driving and make amends later. I backed off my drive quite fast in order to look efficient and busy and THWACK RUMBLE CRASH hit my recycling bins so hard I pushed them out into the middle of the road.


I had to get out of the car, retrieve the bins, stick my arse in the air while checking underneath the car for any lids jammed against my undercarriage, put them back on the drive. As I did, I saw the neighbour man looking at me and he said “Hello” (in the tone of a man who is already backing away). I said “Hiiii” in a high overly happy voice. He began to walk back into his house, so in desperation I called out “I just hit my recycling bins!” and without glancing back he said “Yes”.


He so hates me! I gave up on the idea of the gift at that point figuring it’s probably best to leave them alone for a while – like six months or something.


After that I needed a holiday and luckily, that’s just what I had organised. A week away with my Mum in Hunstanton. My Mum, at 70, has more energy than twin 5 year olds and likes a beer and a laugh, so we were looking forward to letting our hair down a bit.

Sadly as soon as we got there, I got broken. I’ve been a bit poorly on and off for a few weeks (nothing to worry about just annoying) and it left me without much energy or vim and vigour. So we managed to drag ourselves out that day to have a look round and found it was charming… but quiet.

I was just whinging that I had driven for five and a half hours and dragged the cases inside and needed a nap, when bizarrely I saw some old neighbours from years ago in a pub beer garden. We went and joined them and spent a good half an hour saying ‘OMIGOD, fancy seeing you here’ etc.

Anyway… this couple have been together knocking 20 years now, they get along great and are totally made for each other and the only slight bugbear the Mrs seems to have is that I dated him as a teenager for a couple of months before she met him, leading her to believe that somehow there is still a massive attraction between us. She actually came to my house one night about midnight, drunk (luckily so was I) to ask if I was still in love with him. I said to her, “Hun, I was never in love with him. We went to a karaoke night a few times, was nothing”.

Anyway, I’m deeply joyous about the fact that she seems to be over it, at least I hope so.

Me and Mum had a good laugh and got quite drunk – well she says she wasn’t, but hell I was. And we left to get chips and wobble home.

The next morning Mum announces that she has left her medications at home and that she had been due to take them that day. We began a day of phoning everyone, her doctors, local doctors, Boots the Chemist and took no less than 3 trips to the local doctors surgery to eventually succeed and get her tablets. Oh the relief when finally at 5pm we arrived home and I said I wanted to go read my book for an hour.

After 5 mins there was a tentative knock at my bedroom door

MUM: Sorry to bother you
ME: S’okay what’s up?
MUM: I umm…
ME: What? (feeling a bit alarmed now)
MUM: (Draws her hand out from behind her back) … found my pill box
ME: Hahahahhahaha

So, yeah… 8 hours of us both getting pissy with the medical health profession and they were on her bedside table. 😀

You have to laugh or you’d cry.

We spent the next couple of days wandering while my Mum talked a LOT and we examined every item in the pound shops and ate far too many cooked breakfasts.

By Wednesday I was very glad that Thom was due to arrive and shake it up a bit and we all went out that night for something to eat and some beers. We had a hoot 🙂

Mum was keen to get on the pool table (she used to captain a good team in the league) and she whooped both our asses. Sighs. Sometimes I wish she’d do more knitting but hey, she has the party gene.

Me and Thom rounded the evening off with a couple of sambucas which sustained us til we got back to the cottage and we all had some whisky and gingers and we sang, probably very badly, til quite late.

After Mum had gone to bed (singing so long, farewell, auf wiedersehn etc), me and Thom spent quite some time on the living room floor doing god knows what – we can’t remember too well – and eventually rolled into bed as it was getting light.

Thursday we ventured out, feeling distinctly blurry and a bit queasy (Me and Thom that is, Mum must drop e’s in the morning to be like she is all the time. She’d keep talking and we’d be ‘yeahhh’)

We went down to the seafront and I took this picture… It was a lovely hot sunny day, with odd lighting and soon after I took this picture it threw it down – you know the kind of day 🙂

The end of the week was uneventful, with lots of tidying up, driving home and settling back in to a ‘routine’


Last week I began a work placement with Graz’s RL company. I’m learning html at the moment and will eventually learn a bit of Php (whatever that is). He says I’m doing fine. Well actually he says I’m doing really well 😀

So that’s good innit? But it also explains my lack of time in SL and the fact this last week has been blogless.

I’m with him for another 3 weeks and at the end of that time, we will take over the world, so watch out world… you’re going to be <

> sorted out! <


(Yes I know that html is wrong, but if I do it right, it just aligns my text to the right in blogger and you won’t get the joke, eh)

And no, that doesn’t mean I’m a div – although we all know I am 🙂

Big hugs, more when I get spare finger key pressing time xox

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