I wanna kill tonight

It’s been quite a week, this is going to be quite a picture intensive bloglet 🙂

First off, Thom and I went exploring in SL. I found a place called Retropolis and wandered over not expecting much except a ship (I love pirate ships).

*To view photos full size click on them, and then back to return to the blog)

I wasn’t disapponted, here is us on a pirate ship, in a turbulent sea being attacked by a sea monster. Spray flew over the decks as it rocked, the parrot shouting out nonesense.

We wandered around exploring on deck and below and found a handy table on which to have an arm wrestle in true pirate style. I won of course (tis SL after all) and as you can see, I was gracious in victory as I would have been in defeat 😀

We found a genie and he gave us a free pass to get to another part of the sim, we went to a cavern where there was a friendly troll. Well… not that friendly to be honest.

Mericat Ireland: that troll has been giving you the evils
Mericat Ireland: i saw him
Thomas Thaler: you wanna piece of me !!!!
Mericat Ireland: yeahhhh you face him off
Mericat Ireland: bloody troll
Thomas Thaler: yeah that shut him up

Fearless Thom bravely tried to show the Troll who was boss with unfortunate results…

Mericat Ireland: i’m trapped
Thomas Thaler: i’m offering myself up babboon style
Mericat Ireland: yeah i snapped it
Mericat Ireland: you look so purty

Mericat Ireland: you lookin up my skirt?
Thomas Thaler: might be
Mericat Ireland: looks like we’re going to die a horrible death, feel free
Thomas Thaler: ahh knickers
Mericat Ireland: 😀
Thomas Thaler: tsk

Yep, Thom on the verge of dying was sad only that I was wearing big knickers. Such is life.

We finally escaped when Thom agreed to put out to the Troll (baboon style as he said) in order to save both our lives. What a guy 🙂

We escaped only to find… OH NO… A horrible stone witch. She had this spooky head that moved to watch you as you moved around.

Losing hope of finding any door that would lead somewhere not dangerous, I had a quick rest in this lovely garden while waiting for Thom (you’re surprised he was walking slow after the Troll?)

When he caught up we avoided two ‘orrible women who were wandering around gesturing at each other constantly with HUGE arses (if they by any chance come across this blog and recognise themselves – umm… I’ll cover uncomfortable truths in a bit)

It’s hard to describe how much work has been put into this sim, it’s something else. Just seeing all the details, simple touches, pose balls, dance areas etc… has to be experienced.

We had a dance, of course before moving on to find new adventures…

The lighthouse was very well done, the lights were incredible. Climbing it was a bit of a bitch due to camming issues but we managed it, despite Thom trying to get fresh at the top of the staircase.

Just when we thought it was about over, we found another teleportation thingy device and went to a camp in the desert.

This little place was the cherry on the icing on the cake…

A lovely tent in sumptuous fabrics with menus and poseballs all over the place. I’m ashamed to say we didn’t even go outside. I decided I was a Princess, banished there for being ‘bad’ by her evil father the King and Thom was a pirate who washed up on shore after a shipwreck and wandered days into the desert before I found him and brought him back to life by… I’ll leave it there 🙂

Don’t you leave it there though, go explore this amazing place! Retropolis


I have some random SL photos I’ve taken that I also want to show here

First off, me and Pixie Pie, performing the pointy bottom dance*

* to be mentioned again in first life bit – eek

The almost obligatory snap of Josielo Ceriano going about her ‘business’. I have installed a ladies bathroom behind the curtain on the left on the stage for those interested in using the facilities.

Cisa Batista fainted and I accidentally fell on top of her with my hand on her breast. Honest yer Honour!

Graz with his surrogate son, Swan Vestas (Boo)

Me and Thom having deck time accompanied by yet another noob guy who landed to have a closer look. This one did not say ‘Want to do one scene the three’ although it was possibly on his mind 🙂


Me and Thom spent a few days together in first life this week, with the highlight of that being attending a Crocodiles gig in Nottingham. For those of you who have not yet embraced the Crocs fully, you have an absolute duty to do so. Do not cheat your ears any longer…

There’s a few morsels for you.

Anyway, back to the gig… we set out fairly early to get a few beers in before arriving at the venue, the Bodega Club and found to our great shock that it was a really small venue.

We got in there as they were setting up and I swear down there were no more than 40 people there, mostly aged about 18-21 years old (Student City) and me and Thom, who were umm… older 🙂

The young cool indie dudes were not dancing, they occasionally tapped a foot, but mostly they stayed quite still hoping they looked good and someone noticed.

Me and Thom danced like nobody was watching. We did the pointy bum dance (* see above) and waved our arms around and spilled a bit of beer and yelled between tracks and basically probably made the young people wince with embarrassment.

Did we give a great big flying fook? NO 🙂

Gigs are made to be enjoyed, I go there to see, not to be seen.

The set was awesome, they sound at least as good live as they do recorded. My only criticism was that they did not do enough from their new album and the whole set could have been longer, I think it was about 50 minutes.

Afterwards, they simply climbed down from the stage with their cans of Red Stripe and sat round to hang out. Having already eschewed cool in favour of experience, we headed over and introduced ourselves and raved about their sound, their songs, their two albums etc. The singer, Brandon, kindly signed our tickets (To Tom and Mary – ah well, close!)

We stayed and got pissed, adopting the bass player and talking to the nice young people for quite some time until I got a bee in my bonnet.

Copious lager and sambuca can do this to a girl :/ I got too honest and when I saw the young uber hip, too cool for school, afro’d guy who I suspected was their UK Tour Manager, I went over and accosted him. He said he was (so my instincts were good) and I then proceeded to tell him that I thought he was making a mess of it. That there had been insufficient promotion, no merchandising, the venue was too small and that it could all have been so much better if someone else had done it (me? I wonder hahaha) and all of this in front of Brandon…

Yeah ok, I’m only half as brave as I make out – all that happened and yes I am a tiny teeny bit embarrassed now. I wish I had kept my own counsel with the Manager but as for the rest – PARTY ON DUDES!

Big hugs y’all xoxox

OH. and P.S. There was a really funny thing happened on Tuesday night with Thom, but I can’t really say what here… so I’ll just say to him, yeah I had first dibs… problem?

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