Snow Joke!

Hiya Friends, Compadres and Lurkers…

Sorry it’s been so long since I updated my blog, I’ve been kind of busy and also kind of UGH and a bit WAH.

Basically I get stonking migraines sometimes, often when the weather changes. I am something of a human barometer and if you tap me smartly on the forehead you will see my arrow swing around. (Does anyone still have barometers any more?)

I was going out with a lad once, he was actually my first ‘proper’ boyfriend (proper indicating post puberty and kissing with tongues). We were both 13 and I won’t put his name here in case he Googles himself, as you do, and finds this *blushes*. Aaaanyway, I wanted to set his friend up with my friend and so I told this lad that her eyes changed colour when the weather did. They hated each other sadly but it did mean two dates just so that he could check if I was right.

I digress, as usual. So, back to the present day where I am recovering from a spate of migraines and other RL bothers and coming back to blog you, blog you hard, blog you until you beg I blog you no more.

I was at home one day, on Skype voice with Thom, when there was a big knock at the front door. I said ‘Oh crap, someone’s at the door’ Thom asked if I was going to answer it, but I thought I shouldn’t because I was in my dressing gown and nothing else and my hair looked like Russell Brand. So I whispered that back at him and said I was going to keep very quiet.

The knock came again, louder and I heard the little almost silent squeak of a spring that meant the intruder was pressing the doorbell that doesn’t work too. I sat tight and still on my sofa, partially hidden in the corner, by my back window.

I have to explain how things are laid out now… My house is a semi, with a path and gate at the side leading to the back garden. When you get inside there is a patio, the conservatory door and some lawn beyond that. If you follow the lawn round, all the way around the conservatory, you find the other side of the house and my living room window – but nobody does that, cus that would be crazy.

So yeah, I sit beside that window.

I heard the front door person shuffle, walk around the side of the house to the gate and whispered to Thom ‘Oh, think it’s okay, he’s going to leave it by the back door’ (conservatory door) and we were giggling and whispering when I was suddenly hit by a flying parcel.

Yeah… not great. The man had walked all the way around the house, seen me through the open window whispering, pretending to be out and looking MINGING and simply hurled it through the aperture onto my lap.

A normal person might have yelled ‘thanks’ or ‘you git’ or something, but I simply froze and hoped it would go away. I had Thom (who had heard the sound of it landing and me squeaking and then silence) saying ‘What’s happened? Tell me what’s happened?’ and I couldn’t speak for horror.

For SHAME… I have tried not leaving the house or seeing other people voluntarily but they seek me out to make me look stupid now.



Me and Thom went away this weekend to a really great cottage somewhere in the Midlands. I realise I’m being vague geographically but if you look at it from my point of view, you will understand.

It’s a really great place, totally awesome and not a bad price and this happened to me once with a hairdresser… I told everyone how great she was when she was a junior stylist, soon she had all my friends and colleagues going to her and she simply FLEW up the hairstyling career ladder until I could no longer get an appointment or afford her when I could get to see her.

So the cottage is staying at the bottom of Division Three of cottages where it should not be but where it is more accessible to the likes of us.

And to be honest, I don’t like to think of all you lot having it off in ‘our’ bed. 🙂

We’d been before – in December 2009 – and we will go again, it’s our little haven of peace.

This time it was snowing and so I was glad Thom was driving his four wheel drive instead of pushing my Fiat.

I was more glad for him to be honest. It can’t be easy being a soft southerner who bought a huge, four wheel drive, off road vehicle in order to do a 20 minute dual carriageway journey to work and back. My poor hunny must get the piss taken out of him all the time by his more ecologically aware colleagues. At least now he can tell them that it has real farm mud on it. The engine roared and everything.

I gotta show you photos now… partly cus they’re gooooood and partly cus I love torturing people with photos only Thom and I could possibly be interested in 🙂

Uphill on the way there, through the snow.  Thom was understandably a little nervous. I was extremely excited and humming the theme from the Dambusters for some reason.
The Cottage entrance that night when I popped out for a cigarette
Last time we went the fire proved to be more of a challenge than Thom thought
(he had been confident of a roaring fire in minutes).
This time he simply rubbed his stick vigorously with his woggle and BAM glorious flames 🙂
The driveway the next morning, well, about half of it anyway

View from the cottage over the beginning of the Pennine Hills

Little Gate, awww

Yep that’s it, the whole thing.  Hard to believe it contains 2 lovely bedrooms,
2 bathrooms and a lovely kitchen living room 

Yeah even I’m getting a little bored looking at photos of the cottage now, and I’m emotionally involved.
 Hmm, you have my permission to comfort eat while continuing.

One… last… wafer… thin…mint

And relax

While we were there, Thom made the most wonderful Sunday roast for us (lamb, the best roast potatoes in the world, cabbage, brussels sprouts, green beans, peas, yorkshire puddings, gravy and mint sauce) and we basically chilled right out. Like horizontal man!

Erm and No! I’m not going to talk about the horizontal on my blog! It’s a blog, I mean… would you?


On the SL front, I’d like to formally welcome some new DJs and faces to AAi…

Nomad Rovio – sterling chap, knows a lot of shiz and has great taste in music
Blare Auster – a great DJ and all round cutiepie
Claire Elgund – An early Christmas present for AAi from the mod Santa, fab lass too!
Eyktan Tsun – not a new face to most of us, but new to DJing at AAi, massive halloooos 🙂
Aramos Darkfury – not a DJ, but a new and welcome regular who was trapped at an early age

Oh by the way, please check out Aramos’s’s’s’s (well where are they supposed to stop?) awesome blog

Big loves to all of you and congrats on joining the most mental family on all of SL.

AAi does not want to be the biggest club on SL, or the most popular, it wants quality and by golly, we’re lucky to be getting it so far, thanks to one and all.

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