WHOA! Where did December go?

Hello ma liddle Pickles!

Yeah I know, I’m crap, real bad, so lazy, totally dreadful at actually blogging at regular intervals.

There is an up side to that however. This post should have some actual meat in the sandwich (OI!)

So yeah first off I have to deal with the unpleasant topic of Sexual Harassment in the virtual workplace… Our Assistant Manager Jellie Arrowmint passed me this image after filling out the official complaint form. One of our DJs who shall remain nameless (except in the image above) was patently making advances.

Admittedly, Jellie said it wasn’t totally unwelcome, but I mean, it’s hardly the point is it? Needless to say, the DJ in question is on the Arf punishment list now and will remain there for some time.


Christmas arrived, as it does, with Thom and I attempting to come up with a suitably festive greeting card to send to our friends.  We decided on a traditional, if slightly camel-based, nativity theme for 2010, complete with Baby Jebus, the Virgin Meri and Thomseph the slightly squiffy carpenter.  All suggestions for next year gratefully received 🙂


Some of you who were at one of my pre-Christmas sets at the wonderful Pig and Whistle Pub might have been privvy to this conversation already, but it was so funny I had to reproduce it here.

Incoming message from (hh*l*6* Patrucci)
hh*l*6* Patrucci: my God ……. You are so beautiful …… I hope to God … To protect you forever …… You in an image file …. Masterpiece ….. You are very beautiful ….. You deserve all the best …. You all the respect and appreciation from the bottom of my heart
Mericat Ireland: umm thanks hhali
hh*l*6* Patrucci: My tongue is unable to express …… You are truly the most beautiful gift of God …..

It did go on a little after that, with him wishing me all the love in the world and nectar etc, which was extremely sweet of him, but the moral of this story girls is… It’s ALWAYS worth brushing your hair and banging on a bit of lipgloss ‘cus you never know when a reaction like this is around the corner 😉

Also… you can see there that my response is kind of muted and respectful.  I’d rather do that than say what I am really thinking which was ‘Are you taking the piss?’


I had to put this funny little exchange into my blog, mainly for Aramos’s pun which I thought was masterful and sooo quick.  Shane came in dressed as the Grim Reaper, his explanation follows…

[14:03:20]  Shane Wildmist: i came to scare meri
[14:03:21]  Shane Wildmist: 😛
[14:03:27]  Shane Wildmist: hows everyone??
[14:03:28]  Mericat Ireland screams!
[14:03:36]  Mericat Ireland: Eeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!
[14:03:44]  Aramos Darkfury: uh oh, its the Prim Reaper
[14:03:48]  Cosmic Beres: with a large sickle



I was over at Alt7 with Thom around Christmas and we had our AAi tags on.  Many of you will have seen them.  Thom’s is Bankrolla cus he pays the bills and mine is Tits n Ass, cus a friend once commented that Tits n Ass is what I brought to the club table.  It’s slightly sarcastic, self deprecating and intended to be more of a laugh than having boss or owner over our heads.

Anyway, Markusje (who you all must know) made a remark in chat about his personal habits… the convo follows from that point…

Mericat Ireland: thanks for sharing markus
Bzungu Franizzi: gee, thanks for sharing Markus
Mericat Ireland: haha
Bzungu Franizzi: haha
Bzungu Franizzi: we think alike
Mericat Ireland: we do bzungu
Bzungu Franizzi: excepting your title…
Mericat Ireland: ah, that has a story to it
Mericat Ireland: one i’m not telling this evening too
Space Grelling: We love titles
Bzungu Franizzi: that’s why I never wear one
Space Grelling: What else would we read while listening to the music
Bzungu Franizzi: gives away too much
Mericat Ireland: Well I’m not here to hide anything
Mericat Ireland: So I don’t have to worry about that
Space Grelling: What is there to hide?
Mericat Ireland: lot of people use SL as a chance to be someone else I suppose
Mericat Ireland: I’ve nothing against that, but I don’t
Phoebe Pappentas: either way, is “tits n ass” really the self we want to be?
Mericat Ireland: I dunno Phoebe
Phoebe Pappentas: existenially speaking
Mericat Ireland: it’s my owner tag for my club
Mericat Ireland: Thom’s is Bankrolla
Bzungu Franizzi: oh, well that’s different (snork)
Mericat Ireland: they’re slightly tongue in cheek
Markusje Owatatsumi: i always giggle about how humans seem to belive they are so much more civilized than
“tits and ass”…..i think that Mericat is close to the core truth of human nature
I prefer to discuss existentialism with people who can actually spell it.  For those of you haven’t swallowed a dictionary today, a definition is ‘A philosophy that emphasizes the uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent universe, regards human existence as unexplainable, and stresses freedom of choice and responsibility for the consequences of one’s acts.’
So Phoebs, existentially speaking, balls to you 🙂
A tag over the head of my avatar does not define me, neither does my avatar.  Neither does the opinion of someone who gets their ideas on feminism from reading Cosmopolitan and then turning the page to read an article on 99 ways to keep your man happy
If you Google your avatar name and find this blog, then please feel free to email me to discuss it further. I do love intelligent debate – mericat.ireland@googlemail.com.
Rant over people… (nobody puts baby in a corner)



Christmas at AAi was really nice 🙂  Quite a few people were on Christmas Eve, despite it being such a busy time for everyone and I played a set of miscellaneous stuff to keep them happy.  People really entered into the spirit of things and everyone (barring Thom in his sparkly santa male stripper outfit) looked really sweet.

Oh sorry, did I say everyone?


For those of you who don’t know – Graz, Manager of AAi, writer for Moonletters and all round mocker.

Other festive highlights included…

Kostas Kesslinger peeing behind the bar

and Thom sitting very still while getting over an enormous 3 day hangover


Last Monday at the Pig, Thom and I had kind of dared each other to ‘flash’.  My prediction was that nobody would notice during chat and all that… I was wrong
In preparation for this event, Thom wanted to know if it was possible to tell he’d left his prim pubes on if he had his jeans on (he was thinking this would save time when getting naked)  I said yes they were, he said no they were fine, so…. yeah they’re fine hun 😉
One day a week or so ago (can’t remember when because I am a goldfish) I went over to Graz’s and sat with him, Claire, Shauna (pictured) and then after a while Seren and Cosmic came over too.  Was so nice, really chilled and Shauna told me the other day that she is going to start a Discussion Group with hosts to debate and talk over interesting subjects at Moonletters HQ.  Sounds ruddy brilliant to me.  Really looking forward to going over there.

And finally, I want to leave you with the image that I see as I leave SL most days.  Me and Thom relaxing on our deck, having put the world to rights.

We always come back to the same conclusion, SL is a good thing for us, our friends are pretty fabulous and AAi is a great place to be.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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