I start my blog this week with a tribute to St David’s Day.  Aramos Darkfury (makes him sound kinda aggressive and wild doesn’t it? He’s not) was doing his first ‘formal’ set at AAi and played all Welsh bands and singers.  It was mostly really extremely good and partially slightly cringe-worthy, which is the combination we shall know as the ‘Magic of Moss’

It was heartening to see the outfits purchased for St Davids, with both Seren and Mossy looking like representatives of Team Wales Motor Racing Team 🙂  Bringing Welsh sexy back, isn’t it?

Of all the pictures I attempted to take of Josie and Colin, the only one that bore reproducing is her sitting on him here, I think we have a love match finally for Colin, after so much trauma (Graz).

I showed my support for St David’s day by bringing along my pet shoop Dolly and attaching her to my belt buckle for safe keeping.  Why? What did you think was happening?  How rude!


The very next day (Wednesday) and it was time for Pixie’s set at AAi.  She has the dubious honour of playing from 8.00pm – 9.30pm uk time/12pm – 1.30pm slt, just before Graz Firecaster.

Pix thrills weekly with her excellent taste in tunes and her cries of ‘Squirrel!’ – you should come check it out. 

Anyway, to cut a long story a bit shorter so that you don’t start rocking in your chairs… Claire told me that we had all missed Graz’s Rezz Day. He was 2.  It had been last week.

I converged on the club simultaneously throwing decorations up and beating Graz about the head (I show my affection through aggression and tinsel, it’s just the way I am).

As a special treat, Jells was allowed not to stay up after her bedtime, but instead to bring her bed into the club and get her head down.  I heard this about the offspring of people who own bars, they live in a strange twilight world filled with drunks and people with questionable morals. (AAi (TM))

Pretty soon there were a few decorations, balloons, flowers and dancing… thanks to everyone who contributed to make it a nice impromptu party – esp Graz himself for the fabulous tunes.

And here finally is Grazzle himself, watching his feet as he dances so that he doesn’t get confused and fall over. Awww.


In my first life things have progressed some… 

I am now formally no longer a dole rat of any kind 🙂  

I am a self employed person bringing joy to the world through my use of words (I promise that when I am getting paid I make sure it’s better than this drivel).  I’m doing freelance journalism on a local basis for a national company and copy-writing for the web to bring search engine optimisation to the masses.  

I’m currently earning a few beans, which I will plant outside my window and hope they grow into a massive beanstalk.  I can then climb up and find something at the top 🙂

I’m a bit skint at the moment if truth be told but I had to spend some quids on a nice ring binder, matching notebook and a things to do pad.  They have a lovely design on them and I have also polished my computer desk and cleaned my screens.  I sharpened my pencils and put them in a pot that co-ordinates with my folder etc.

I’m a bit excited, yep, fo sho mo fo’s.


So, that’s about it for this week.  I’m trying to be current and up to date and hopefully that might involve posting more often.

Massive hugs to you all xoxox M

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