MEN! They just steal your diving ball don’t they?

I sometimes wonder if men and women come from the same planet.  Speaking as a woman with some empathy for the numerous and wholly ridiculous situations that men find themselves in, I find that I can wince sympathetically but still have no idea how they arrived at this point.

Yep, men find so many ways to put themselves in the dog house with us girls and yet… they still seem to have no idea what these invisible and unspoken ‘rules’ are.

Take last Tuesday for instance, when I arrived at the club, Josie was dancing with her friend and sometime dance partner Demos doing a rather raunchy kinda tango thing.  I was delighted at first.  Having sold my furniture, 3 babies and all my jewellery to buy the dance machine, I like to see it used.

Then, on her behalf, I began to feel idly pissy.  He was obviously ‘away from keyboard’ and so I commented to Josie on it in chat, she said that she thought he’d gone to sleep.  Let’s pause for a moment and then revisit that thought…  They were dancing a raunchy tango and he’d gone to sleep.

I said well, if he’d gone to sleep during dancing with me, I’d have gotten off the ball and let him do that mad flailing ridiculous dance that Thom avoids by ensuring he knows exactly when I’m going to get on and off a danceball (sensible boy).

Josie absorbed this and thought about it a little and then leapt off and did her own happy dance – all the girls cheered etc.

At the end of Claire’s set (which was fab) we were saying our byes and stuff and somehow the idea that the guys might like a bit of a dance and cuddle with Demos came up.


Graz was first up, going for a sweet and romantic dance where they gazed into each other’s eyes, Josie was strutting her funky stuff there in the background.

Thom leapt on next, chose a sexy crotch grinding dance and managed a few minutes before coming back to me and whispering ‘He tried to touch me Meri’

Graz decided to have another go, but this time as ‘Fat Graz’ (See ‘Fat Graz dances nearly naked and greased up on pole’ photo in the AAi picture viewer for further reference)

And then Marlboro was encouraged to take his turn.  We thought that not knowing Demos he might be feeling a bit shy so gave him plenty of encouragement.

Which he didn’t seem to need…

And in fact we all left the club while they were still dancing together. Aww I do love a happy ending 😀

So, the moral of that story to any sleepy dancers is… Nobody puts baby in a corner!


Next up I have more photo evidence of a way life is unfair to women, while giving men every chance.

This huge sandwichy type meal is the egg bacon and mushroom sandwiches being eaten by my Ex/Housemate/Pal for his breakfast.  I should mention at this point that there is not a pick of fat on the man.

This was my breakfast… a single medium sized banana.  So why, oh why is life so unfair? Why do my bits wobble and jiggle and flobble and his not?  Someone needs to have a word with the God of calhorrific content and point out that if he doesn’t care and I do, then I should be the skinny minnie.


Back to Josie dancing…  this time with a very awake Cosmic, the pair of them steampunking it up with another sexy dance, this time at Graz’s set at the Cavern Club.


Last night Thom went out drinking and gambling, ‘cus that’s just the sort of guy he is (choruses of ‘Poor Meri’ please)  Seriously though, he’d gone round a friend’s place for a cards night with a few cans.

I went onto SL alone and was determined not to get into any trouble of any kind at all.  First off I wandered aimlessly and bought a new dress, as you do.  Then I got bored and went and found a free photo studio and took a new picture of myself which I played with in photoshop for a bit before uploading it.

Then I started IMing with Sero who was also bored and then Graz who wanted to show me his stripey deckchairs which he’d put out at the Killing Moon for his set tonight after Mossy’s at AAi.  So we all congregated and sat on said chairs.  Shauna arrived, followed by Ryann and I took a photograph (sadly before Clairey arrived).

We all spent the evening randomly dancing to random tunes played by Graz and falling over in a very organised way 😀

I had fun, thanks you guys.


That’s about it for me this week, hope you had a good one too :)))

Mucho luvo, Meri xox

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