If I were to ask you which current British female celebrities were the skinniest, I wonder who you’d come up with?

Kiera Knightley? Victoria Beckham? Cheryl Cole?

I have no particular comment to make about the build of these ladies, I believe in personal choice, I’m not saying skinny is wrong or unnatural – some people are skinny just as some are fat, BUT!

This is wrong…

How anyone in their right  mind can consider that either of these women are a good advert for losing 21 pounds of belly fat is beyond me.  
These adverts are from Facebook and are simply placed to attack the already low self esteem of young women who think OMG, if Cheryl Cole had to lose 21 pounds of belly fat, god knows how much I need to lose.
I’m disgusted, truly.
Kiera will be next, I’m sure (I’ll let you know if I see it).
I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but I feel that Facebook along with other websites aiming themselves squarely at a young market have a moral obligation not to allow advertising that is potentially harmful to it’s visitors.  What next? Diet pills? Steriods? Fags? Easy earnings through Escorting?
I’m not a kid any more but it’s not the first time Facebook advertising has left me with my mouth hanging open in shock and if they keep it up, I’ll be voting with my feet.
I don’t tend to go on about feminism per se.  I’m not the kind of person who sees feminism as a way to bash men either (this has nothing to do with women’s relationships with men in my mind) but it has a lot to do with healthy minds and healthy bodies.  Young women are not encouraged to respect themselves, to love themselves and to love and support each other. 
Skinny is king!  Long live minimally clad tiny celebrities, small or non existent sense of self worth and slim pickings.
/rant off

What do you think?

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