Fear of Rotten Tomatoes

I remember the time when I learned that New Order was borne of Joy Division.  I was 16, talking to a guy I quite liked and I was waxing lyrical about my love of JD.  He asked if I liked New Order and I said yes, but not quite as much, ‘cus they were quite different. He said he thought the same and that it’d all changed after Curtis died.  I kinda shuffled off, relieved that I had not said anything to let him know I was so ignorant.
I’m telling you this, not just to point out to you all what a musical imbecile I am (I’m sure most of you already knew that anyway) but because I’m sure you’ve all been in similar situations.  The realisation that everyone else seems to know something you really should have already known and you’ve just made yourself look a prat.
I find often with new DJs that they are nervous of going out and finding new music to play and I believe it’s this fear that is at the root of it. 
The fear of looking an idiot in front of an audience.
The fear of rotten tomatoes.
Well I wanted to encourage you all, as I do the baby DJs.  If nobody ever put themselves out there, we’d have missed out on some great stuff.  I’ve learned a huge amount from Second Life DJs – a lot more than I ever learned in my first life from going to clubs or talking with friends.
I don’t exactly relish the rotten tomatoes (tomato relish?), but in a way, it reminds me why I’m alive and keep trying.
I’ve never liked these sl clubs where the conversation revolves solely around some obscure little spin off band from some even more obscure little band formed by the grand-nephew of Bob Dylan and Lennon’s Grandma.  It’s up its own arse, not fun and let’s face it… all about the fragile egos of the people talking.
Long live variety, healthy discussion and no missed opportunities. If it sounds good to you, stand up and be proud and take the tomatoes – they’re good for the complexion anyway J

(I’ll be taking some tomatoes tomorrow at SL8B 4pm – 6pm UK time, DJ Stage Two. Stock up folks.)

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