Guess who’s back?


Yeah it’s me, Flakey Meri.

Of course, if I was Flakey Meri because people thought I looked like the girl from the Flake advert, it would be all good. But no, I’m flakey because I stopped writing my blog about a year ago, briefly started a fashion blog (don’t ask – blink and you’d have missed it) and am now back where I started, kind of.

I’ve moved from blogger to wordpress. I’m not sure why but I think it was because Graz told me to some time ago and I started the exodus and importus (?!?) and he had said something about how much more editable wordpress was… what he didn’t say is that they would like to charge me $30 a year in order to play with my themes, and I’d rather spend that on shoes. So meh. I’m here now and I think it’s fairly cool.

As any erstwhile readers of my blog will already know, I write about Second Life a fair bit and first life quite a lot too.  To me there is very little difference.

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