Naked shouting is a bad idea

I sleep at some funny times you know.  Some nights I don’t get to sleep until around 4am and so I’m pretty groggy at 7am the next morning. I usually just sleep for a bit longer until I feel even vaguely able to cope with normal day to day tasks.

The other day, I was rudely woken by a knocking at my front door at 7.20am, after a bad night. I leapt up and out of bed, ran naked along the landing to the bathroom window and threw the window open – pausing only long enough to grab a small hand towel from the rail – and shouted “Hello?” to the invisible person below.

No answer.

“Hello!?!” I bellowed impatiently.


I leant out and looked down the street and saw the postman a good 200 yards away now, going about his business and was a bit peed off that I had missed him.

I reached out to close the window and saw, to my dismay, 3 builders on the opposite pavement, who were working on a conservatory across the road.  To give them their builderly ‘do’ they didn’t yell or anything unseemly, but they did look very bloody amused -.-

I was not so amused and went back to bed in a towering temper, feeling more than a bit embarrassed.

Lesson of the day. No naked shouting. Okay?


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