All straps and no knickers


I saw this unusual little outfit on another blog I read and did no more than rushed out and got it. I reckon some days you just feel like a stone-age/futuristic, slave girl/sadist and on those days, like me, you probably don’t have quite the right thing in your wardrobe.

Here it is… a strappy concoction called ‘Fiona’ from Severed Garden.  The detail on the mesh top and skirt set is lovely and I only had to reduce my boobs slightly to get it to fit properly. You can have silver or gold metal fixings and it comes in ten colours.  Nine of those colours were a bit more sensible and gothy and rpish – black, blue, green, brown etc – all lovely.

I wanted pink so they went with my Gos Triumph boots which I bought a new polish for yesterday.


Now, you might be forgiven for wondering how much skin a skirt has to cover to be legally an actual skirt and while you might be right in wondering, it hasn’t yet stopped me testing the boundaries.


The skirt and top, with collar and arm bands (not the swimming kind, the pointless and attractive yet slightly ‘woman who catches and kills her own food-ish’ ones) comes in at a snip of 150L$ at Severed Garden.

The pink polish for my boots was something around 300L$ and the boots themselves merely cost my first-born son and all my savings. Only kidding… but I honestly can’t remember how much – I’m guessing at about 700L$? from Gos but I’m not linking you there because a) I haven’t been there today and don’t have the URL and b) a lady who works for Gos was a bit hissy with me once in a group IM and although I’d urge you to buy most (if not all) the footwear Gospel Voom puts out there, that one person was a bit unhelpful. Just a tiny bit. I’m not saying any more ‘cus she really wasn’t so bad… but I didn’t take to her – yannow?

Anyway… if anyone knows of any panties small enough to go under this skirt without being visible from the outside, please do let me know. In the meantime, anyone caught camming up there will be ‘hugged’ a lot.

Photos not edited nor nuffing.

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