Lickety Spit!

Quick, quick, lickety spit. Just dashing through and had to post a few nice bits I’ve found to wear on SL.



The jacket and boots I got today and am v v v v happy with, especially the jacket which fits like a glove and is gloriously detailed mesh.  You can find the jacket right now at Fameshed (Fresco) and it’s by The Secret Store.  



I took an extra one of the jacket, because I wanted you to notice the pretty lining that is just about visible when your hurl yourself around – if you do so. I know I do :/



The boots are Redgrave and are what they call ‘liquid mesh’. It means there is no faffing about resizing, the boots just fit to your avatar. If you prefer to do it the fiddly way, they include an unrigged pair too.  They come in black, white, caramel (worn) and brown. Available on Marketplace.

Well, that’s that, told you it was a flyer! Off to listen to some great tunes now xx

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