Ain’t that a kick in the head?

One of my friends, who we shall call Becka Blackrain… I mean erm… Backe Rainblack was in the club last week and had just finished booting out an idiot.  This idiot had come in and been rude to people and cussed and generally been a great big flying twat and so in typical Backe style, she offered to hug him.

Awww, she’s so sweet. But wait a minute! Is she so sweet?

Her ‘Hugger’ did no more than knee him in the balls and make him kneel on the floor ’til he apologised to her. Obviously being a peace-loving kind of girl I was a little disturbed by this blatant abuse of idiots before they were ejected from the club but… on the other hand, I was impressed enough to go and buy myself one from Marketplace.

I had a lot of fun kneeing my male friends and Thom in the nuts and making them apologise but wondered, deep down, how long it would be before I got to do it for real – to someone who deserved it, yannow?

The very next night I was at Soma Mayo’s set at CBGB and someone made me cross -.-

Obviously I’m going to change his name in case he ever googles himself, ‘cus I don’t want to attract his attention really.  We’ll call him Daftlad.

Daftlad : what do you say to a chick with two black eyes
Daftlad : nothing shes allready been told
Daftlad : twice
Mericat Ireland: Daftlad, you’re a dick, sorry
Daftlad : it was a joke
Mericat Ireland: it was shit
Daftlad : i jheared it on oardwalk empire
Daftlad : gawd
Daftlad : hostilitty
Daftlad : lets hug it out
Mericat Ireland: yeah lets
Mericat Ireland: hang on
Daftlad : /me hugs mericat
Hug Action: You have offered to hug Daftlad Resident. If they accept they’ll get quite a surprise.
Daftlad : problem solved
Mericat: /me gives Daftlad a big KICK IN THE BALLS!
Tia Violet: hahahahaha
Tia Violet: **HI5!**
Daftlad : o.0
Liela (liela.core): lol
Hug Action: whispers: Daftlad is sorry.
Tia Violet: brilliant
Soma (soma.mayo): haha
Daftlad : wtf just happened
Jam (jammeh): Hhahahaha
Daftlad : brb
Soma (soma.mayo): hb daft!
Tia Violet: hb
Liela (liela.core): hb
Mericat Ireland: sorry Soma, I don’t mean to beat your visitors to death
Jam (jammeh): hb
Soma (soma.mayo): hahaha
Liela (liela.core): lol
Soma (soma.mayo): thats ok
Tia Violet: thanks for the entertainment Meri

So, because I’m not good enough at this stuff to take a photo of people while I’m actually doing it (Backe is that good!) I can’t show you, but trust me, I wee’d a little bit and that’s no exaggeration.

But you know how they say ‘What goes around comes around?’

There I was, minding my own business and Iain decided to sort me out good and proper, having been one of the friends who had undergone some insistent and repeated ball kicking during my testing phase.

Ain’t that a kick in the head?


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