Shopping – what a girl wants

Any designers or budding purveyors of clothes and fashion out there must ask themselves questions before they start, like…

‘What do they want?’

‘What will make my customers happy?’

‘What will make them spend money?’

… and then they make it happen.

As a girl who shops – and I don’t mean in an amateur way, I’m a committed shopper – most designers would faint if they knew what I want.

I want it all to stop.


I went to Collabor88 today. I love going there. I love to see all the new things that have been created to tempt us. I love to buy the pretty things and take them home and put them on and then I wear them usually ONCE.

I love all the other fashion destinations too. I love getting notecards from designers with images in so that I can see what they have brought out.

But when I land and I’m rezzing (slowly but with mounting excitement) what I’d most like, deep down, is for there to be nothing at all I’d like to buy.

There, I’ve said it. The term ‘fashion victim’ is phrased that way for a reason. I can’t help myself. I spend all my time with no money, trotting around in things that will probably never see the light of day again and always after the next hit of my personal drug.

My inventory is around 40k, that’s forty thousand items. At that I boxed up all my clothes that were not mesh last year.

It’s a costly habit too. Shoe designers in Second Life think nothing of charging around 1000l$ for a beautiful pair of heels or boots, but that is over $4 and around £3. That’s real money. For pretend shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t stop. It’s too late for me. But if you are contemplating throwing your hat into the ring of keeping up with SL fashion, I’d urge you to think again.  There are more important things in slife. Like umm… hair or skin. :/ 

So yada yada, mumble mumble. Look at the pretty clothes



Blouse and shorts are by Tee*fy (one of my favourite fashion predators) and are currently available at Collabor88

teefy aimee tailored ribbon shorts pink (m)
teefy milena ruffle blouse sky (m)

But just don’t go. Really… Hello? Did you leave?

What do you think?

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