Sunshine on my window

…makes me happy. Yep, we have to wait 360 days here in England to get our Summertime, but it’s finally here. The result is astounding. I get up earlier, I get my work writing done, I hoover (voluntarily, yes), I’m happy.

A for instance is that amongst my family and friends I am renowned for having a terribly untidy car. My day-to-day thought about the Meri-mobile is as follows:

1) It’s a Fiat.

2) It’s maroon or burgundy, or metallic claret or whatever you want to call it. It’s for pensioners.

3) It’s there to service my needs, not the other way on.

3b) If I want to throw drinks cans into the passenger footwell and back seat, that’s up to me.

4) If I never clear out my car, that’s fine. It serves as an informal filing system for every job I ever applied for or trip I wrote down directions for.

5) The boot is full of items my Dad bought me from Halfords “In case of” something happening. Warning triangles, tyre pumps (manual and cigarette lighter powered), first aid kits, odd shoes and tins of beans (don’t ask).

You can imagine that, taking all that into account, when I decide to tidy and clean my car, it’s a momentous occasion deserving of a whole blog post.

So, yesterday I cleared out all the rubbish from the car itself (not the boot, the boot is sacred and no amount of nagging from Thom will make me clear it out, ‘cus you just never know when I might need that stuff!).

I then got the purpose made car dashboard wipes I had bought from Tesco out and fiddled around for about an hour in vents and other stupid farty areas with bits of polo mint, grit and tobacco in. I spread the white fibres from the almost useless cleaning cloths all over my black dappled dashboard. So that bit is done.

I cleaned the inside of my windscreen with Windowlene and buffed ’til it shone and I had RSI.

I finished the interior girly clean with a pink jellybellybean smelly thing. It’s kind of like bubblegum and you can smell me coming from 2 miles now. It was bought simply ‘cus it matches my ‘Little Miss Naughty’ steering wheel cover. Don’t you judge me!

So today I had the boring or boys clean to do. I got the Dyson outside and hoovered the inside of the car. Yup, in the corners too. Well… honestly? I didn’t do the back, but there was no fluff on the carpet mats back there. I defy you to find fluff or grit back there. The Pepsi cans protected them from common or garden mess.

So then I find myself back inside with my work writing done, the inside of my car sparkling and smelling like a tart’s boudoir and the outside still dark red with bits of green moss on it. That bit comes later.

I still have tons to do so I’m going to sign off now and leave you with the song that’s been in my head while I wrestled happily with the monster hoover.

What do you think?

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