RP Communities in SL

Many people enjoy a fully fledged fantasy life within Second Life as a cat, or a bat or a vampire and it is something that I’ve never done. Living my life as Meri is something I can imagine, even if her waist is a couple of inches smaller than mine and she never gets the urge to eat Cadburys (and I don’t mean a chocolate bar of that brand, I mean the entire company based in Bournville).

It’s not just that I can’t imagine wanting to be a walking, talking animal or monster, it’s that I can’t imagine why anyone else would. I mean in real life it’d be really cool to be a fox for a day, or one of the supernatural elite, but in SL, well you still have all the buttons, notices, teleport requests and shiz. Would that be any easier if I were furry? No.

We all know that my lack of imagination on this front is due, at least in part, to my need to buy more and more clothes and make Meri look pretty. And those showing a wild side to their character through RP might say that I am a vacuous and simpering dolly lover, but once they got clocked over their furry ears with one of my super platform killer heels, I’m sure they’d repent.

I suppose what I am saying is that I am glad Second Life is a home for everyone, I’m glad it has variety and scope for almost any scenario, but I JUST don’t get it.

Take this conversation for example that Thom and I overheard at the entrance to an RP community.

Overlykeen RP: And Poorchap, I’m afraid your angel character is not approvable.
Poorchap (PoorchapCattail): what needs fixing?
Overlykeen RP: …what was the name on it again?
Poorchap (PoorchapCattail): azrius
Overlykeen RP: Well, for starters, he’s “better than […]” at every natural attribute.
Overlykeen RP: But first, “linguistics: as an angel he was to know the languages of man as well as that of every race.” …no, you can’t know all languages. Sorry.
Poorchap (PoorchapCattail): so chop that
Overlykeen RP: Your “return to home plane” ability needs further elaboration. I’m assuming it’s basically so you say that’s where he lives when you’re offline, but still sounds like you can pop in and out at any time anywhere.
Overlykeen RP: The “reaping list” just won’t work, far too many logistics involved with knowing who’s going to die or who’s marked to die.
Overlykeen RP: The “shadow grasp” is basically telekinesis the way you wrote it and that’s a no-no.
Overlykeen RP: Your disadvantages are contradictory. First you say he follows not one but TWO codes (which you didn’t elaborate upon so it could be anything you come up with at any time), and then you say he doesn’t follow the code anymore….
Overlykeen RP: There’s a power/ability in the disadvantages (“see and hear the dead”).
Overlykeen RP: And says you can “easily hide your scythe”? ….we’re talking about a reaper type scythe, right, the 6-ft tall farming tool with a 3-ft blade? How do you ‘easily hide’ that?”

You’re probably reading this and thinking that the one (renamed) community gate guard sounded a trifle picky, and you’d be right, but the main thing that stuck out like a sore thumb to me is that the community owner was a real live human sized purple and green fox with blue eyes standing talking to a cat man wearing leather bondage gear and his matching girlfriend (all with tails).

How can someone who looks like that talk about what is realistic or not in an RP scenario? If the cat wants to be telekinetic, why the hell not? If he wants to say he can hide his 6ft scythe, again, who is the fox to say that is unrealistic.

It’s all unrealistic.

At least when Thom and I go to our secret depraved love-palace in the sky to do RP, we don’t introduce subjects or body parts that are unrealistic (well, I don’t anyway :)).

Please, please enlighten me on this whole ‘thang’ people. There must be some fun in it, because so many other people do it but until I hear compelling evidence of it clearing blocked bowels or inspiring great works of art, I’ll stick with shoes and music I think.

What do you think?

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