Not a typo! Summerfest is here and beautiful as it is, with it’s beach-casual perfection, perky little beach huts and decking paths, it still made me want to punch someone.

My main reason is this… tiny cute little huts with tiny cute little pictures for everyone to see. That is until you get mammoth arse of the month (see picture below) plonking themselves right inside. I mean WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD?!? I stand on the path and cam inside, thus keeping my overly large posterior out of other people’s way and meaning I can look into about 6 different little hut shops before I have to move.



If that is your arse and you see this – nice curves and mouldings but please cam in future.

In other Summerfest news, there are some great contributors whether you are looking for fashion, sunglasses, bikinis, garden furniture and knick-knackery. The little huts are even on sale, and I was sorely tempted, but have no beach on which to place it.


I went yesterday too and got some bits from AUX and Milkmotion, but I’m not blogging them today. Today I got some stuff from my current fave Tee*fy. I buy almost everything she brings out ‘cus it just fits so damn well. (Orgasms).

I also semi-stole my outfit from, a blog I take a look at sometimes for clothes-buying inspiration. You should check it out too.



Tee*fy Lenka Bralet
Tee*fy Laurie low waist hi-low skirt
Redgrave liquid rider boots caramel

Apparently there are DJs on at Summerfest too, but I only saw one notice and it wasn’t in my time zone, so you may catch them. Have fun and happy Summerfisting, I mean festing.

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