Happy Feet!

Today has been a great day for feet!  Not only has this made my feet very happy, but the rest of me too.

A long while ago now, I bought some Slink natural womens bare feet (flat) and worked to match them to my avatar skin using the normal method (pulling hair from my head and screaming). When Slink sent note to their huddled masses that they were updating the feet and issuing ‘Avatar enhancement feet’ to all previous purchasers of their feet, I was very excited.

But what did it mean? Well, it meant that if the designer of your skin decided to, that they could release a skin applier for Slink products (both hands and feet). I flew over to Pink Fuel to see if they had released a feet applier for Slink feet, but they had not. The hands were there, but the feet were not. I moped around the Pink Fuel shop for a few weeks and had almost given up hope until today…

Today they were there. I bought the appliers for 100l$ and applied them to my Slink feet. Bingo. The sun came out, the birds sang and the angels rested their wings.



Ahhhh. I’m so happy. BUT!

(isn’t there always a BUT!)

In the time since I bought my Slink feet, I had discovered that Gos (Gospel Voom) had brought out a new Boutique shop. This shop was purely for me, of course. It was like he had looked into my heart and pulled out my shoe dreams and made them happen. I’ve always been a big Gos fan and owned almost all of the designs and many of the colours released, but now I had it bad for Gos Boutique.

Gos Boutique has a separate group to the main Gos group and this gives purchasers 10% off the Gos Boutique range, and occasional gifts. It also gives you a headache ‘cus the IM chat never ceases, encouraged by Gos staff members, and you find people talking about how to clear their storm guttering and rubbish like that. I switched that bit off and just kept the fun bit.

Ok so, where was I, yes… feet.  I went over to Gos Boutique to press my nose against the window one day and found they had also brought out barefeet flat feet and *drum roll* these feet came with Gos’s own easy to apply skin thingamabob.

To cut what can be a very long story short. You put on the feet first time, go to the website and it already knows who you are (deep joy, no stupid signing in) and select which skin you have. I shit you not ladies. I chose my skin from a list and it applied to the feet. It took less than a minute and they were perfect. *Dribbles on own feet*.


So then I had perfect feet. I like both Slink and Gos feet, although Slinks are a little more toe-ey and Gos have slightly thicker ankles imho. I love them both.

But what about shoes I hear you cry? Well…yeah. Gos feet only seem to have the flop-flops created by Gos for the feet. Nobody seems to be making shoes for Gos feet – I have no idea why not.  I mean, I love the Gos flip-flops, better than the comparable Slink flip-flops to be honest. I got a limited edition colour at some fashion thing, but own many of the other colours available in store too.


So what do Slink feet have aside from some flip-flops I love slightly less than the Gos ones? Well they have some basic cork soled sandals, which I quite like and they have some ballet pumps which I didn’t buy. My reasoning is that I got sick of seeing straps around the ankles, a style used most often by shoe creators to hide the fact your feet and ankles don’t quite match your legs. Now my feet match my legs, I want to show that off!

But they have an advantage over Gos in the shoes for feet market… other creators are making shoes to fit Slink feet.


These are Ingenue Dotty Slingback flats (don’t try to say that after a drink) and cost 295 L$ at Summerfest, I got a couple of colours as I figure I’ll be wearing my newly skin applied Slink feet quite a lot this week.

So, financially, it’s interesting. I’m going to lay it all out for you.

Slink (URL to take you to maps) sells their Women’s natural bare feet for 675l$ (they also sell mens feet)

Pink Fuel‘s applier was 100l$

Ingenue at Summerfest charged 295l$ for the flats, and this price seems fairly standard for shoes to go on mesh feet.

Total for Slink feet, Pink Fuel applier and shoes/flip-flops – 1070l$

Gos Bare Feet were 595l$

Appliers included (the nail polishes on the hud are more varied and generous than Slink too)

Gos flip-flops were 295l$

Total cost for Gos feet, appliers and flip-flops – 890l$

So you can save 180l$ if you buy Gos and maybe more designs for shoes will come out in due course.

Or you can go for Slink and stock up on all the add-ons that seem to be coming out for them.

The choice is yours, or you could make the same choice I unwittingly did, but would do all over again given the chance – buy them both, it’s worth it.

As a sweetener, and the cherry on the cupcake, when I popped over to Gos Boutique today to check the prices and get the URL for mapping, they had a new free gift for those already belonging to the group. (I say already because they charge to join the group when there is a free gift on offer, best join when there isn’t).


Ahhh, sod the feet, these little beauties aren’t coming off for a while!

Things you should know:

Gos Boutique use the easy skin colour applier skin thingamabob system for all their Gos Boutique shoes, not just for their feet. *Floats away on a cloud of bliss*.

I’ve not adapted or photoshopped the photos at all, I wanted you to see them as they are.

Light in SL reflects differently on skin and prim objects. The best way to combat this and see yourself and other people literally in the best light is to use the silverlight setting ‘Nam’s skin and prim’. Everyone looks lovely. Nuff said.

You can make all the photos above bigger and more detailed by clicking on them. Go on… have a good long look at my feet. I’d rather you do it here than cam onto them in public and make me self conscious while I dance.

What do you think?

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