Prelude to a Smurf

It’s Wednesday and on Friday Thom will set off with his RL friends (a dodgy bunch by my estimation) and go to a lake in a remote area of France to fish for carp. There, he will camp, moan about mozzies and get no phone signal. It sounds like a version of hell to me but, each to his own.

Because this will upset the comfortable little rut we spend our time in, I start thinking about what I can do while he is away and the obvious answer leaps into my head… ‘Have a naked Smurf disco party!’

Who doesn’t love Smurfs? Smurfs are litte and cute, blue and half-dressed. They are so super-cool. I have my Smurfette avatar all ready to roll, although I might have to go for being Papa Smurf on the night – ‘cus of his lustrous beard.

The disco part too is easy to realise. We’ll have our comfy Smurf boots on and will be easily able to dance like Travolta or the Bee Gees.

The naked part is proving a challenge – basically Smurfs come already dressed. Either a little dress and hat for the Smurfette or trousers and a hat for the boys.  I think the naked part will have to be a metaphysical thing – like a stripping away of everything that stops us being Smurfs all the time.

I’m sure I’m a Smurf all the time inside (la la lalalalalaallalalala la la) and it makes me happy.  I hope many of you readers will come and be blue with me.

I think it will be Sunday night, I think it will be 1pm slt. I think it will be Smurfy.



What do you think?

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