Things that pee me off…

I know, hardly the most joyous and enthusiastic title for an opening but sometimes you just need to get shit right off your chest. And I’ve quite a big chest.

I got a pair of demo boots from marketplace, I shall not be naming names (never let it be said that I’m not classy), but I had seen the boots on a blog in a heavily photoshopped picture and they looked good. Anyways, I wanted to see if the boots were really that nice, so I went and got the demo.

As I waited for them to arrive standing on the deck at home (naked, bald, miscellaneous alphas chopping off essential parts of my body), I felt the warmth and excitement that only impending boots can bring. Bing! They arrived and the package in my inventory read ‘Blah Blah boots (REZZ)’

So I rezzed them and the message came back ‘insufficient prims available on land’. I shrugged and deleted the cat (I’m a cruel owner and Sambuca often bears the brunt of my insufficient prims) – same message.

I deleted Sam’s basket – same.

I went up to my dressing room and deleted my cheval mirror – same.

I deleted my clothes horse – same.

I now had upwards of 70 prims available on the land, and still I couldn’t rezz it.

I went up to the huntsman’s hut in the mountains and deleted two trees – same.

I wore the package (yeah you’ve been thinking this all along haven’t you, and you think you’re a smart arse, but you’re not) and jammed a half opened shoe box into my ribcage. As my ao whirled me around uncontrollably, I attempted to click on the box.

Couldn’t cus I was twirling like an idiot, so I went back down to the deck, got on my pose stand and clicked madly at the box – no result.

By now I was cross!

I got dressed in an odd assortment of clothes and hair and went to a public sandbox (just the thought makes my toes curl) and rezzed the godamn box. It wasn’t even that special-looking. It was a shoebox with a wonky lid and a bit of tissue paper poking out and I edited it.

144 prims


144 prims

One hundred and forty-four prims – on a shoebox.

I clicked it and the boots were delivered, finally. I tried them on and they were okay. Not perfect, they’d have needed a bit of adjustment, but ok. They had different basic resizers in each foot (also annoying, because who is going to want one foot bigger than the other?)

I thought ‘Hmm… I could make them nice with a little bit of work and they are almost 400l$, not too bad – I shall IM the creator and let them know of my woes with regards to the box and see what he says and that will help me decide whether to buy the full version or not’

Here’s how it went…

Mericat Ireland: Hi, I just got the demo for your R****e boots and the box (which has to be rezzed) is 144 land impact – that is very inconvenient and meant that I had to leave home and come to a sandbox to rezz it and open it. A wearable detailed package would be better, or one of many fewer prims. Just thought I’d send feedback. Now to try on the boots! Thanks

Shoecreator: (Saved Sat Oct 05 19:43:25 2013)It can be worn and clicked.

Mericat Ireland: I did try that first


I didn’t buy the boots.

What do you think?

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