Things that make me glad…

Yeah, in direct contrast to the last post ‘Things that pee me off…’, I am able to now write a positive post, full of affirmation for a great creator in Second Life. And the joy of someone being great is that I feel free to name them. Yes, Cory Edo, I’m talking about you.


Trompe Loeil make really great mesh homes and interior design pieces for your home. I mean, they are just GORGEOUS. The detail is to die for.

This meant that even though I wasn’t looking for a new house (having a few on our land and a few extra in my inventory) I couldn’t resist visiting Cory’s two-roomed mesh cottage which is at Collabor88 this month for a snip at 288l$.

It was not a disappointment – such beautiful textures, a working fireplace, lights you can turn on and off. I ventured upstairs up a winding staircase and then, to my surprise, found myself back in the downstairs room. I tried again – same thing. I had only tried again because I was so sure that none of Cory’s builds could ever have anything wrong with them and assumed it was me, but it seems that this time, there was a slight issue.

Being a good citizen and knowing how much I’d hate it if something I’d worked so hard on had even a slight flaw, I contacted Cory Edo.

I just explained that I had been at Collabor88 and that I loved the cottage but that I couldn’t walk upstairs without falling through. I expected no response or just a ‘thanks for letting me know’, but no… I got a thank you, an explanation of what had gone wrong (a problem with the physics resetting), and an assurance it was now fixed. Cory then sent me a fixed copy of the cottage.

How nice is that?

Bloody nice, that’s how nice.

Just when you think that some successful creators on Second Life don’t care about their customers, you get someone like Cory Edo who cares about their creations and the people who want to use them.

Am I gushing? Maybe just a little 🙂

Here are a few more photographs of interior shots – unfurnished. I might have to go to Trompe Loeil and buy some furniture to make it just perfect.

Trompe Loeil cottage mesh window
All windows have privacy screens installed
Trompe Loeil Mericat Ireland blog mesh cottage
Or you can choose to see the view outside
Trompe Loeil mesh cottage
Downstairs room with working fireplace
Trompe Loeil mesh cottage upstairs
Attic room upstairs

You too can visit Trompe Loeil in-world by clicking here

Visit Collabor88 to see and buy the two-room mesh cottage by clicking here

Visit the Trompe Loeil blog and see their new releases by clicking here

What do you think?

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