Ma Humps :o

Phat Azz by L*inc has backed, beeping like a delivery truck, into our second lives. Many of you have been and tried on the demo for the phat azz, and, if you are anything like me, felt like you had put on a middle aged lady fat suit. It looked fake and not much fun.

I tried it first a couple of weeks ago and had pretty much decided it wasn’t for me until I started to see some pictures on blogs which looked pretty impressive actually.

The plunge into clunge was taken and I spent £1200 on the azz itself and a further 100l$ on an applier from Pink Fuel. I put it on and bam, instant ‘back’. I played around my shape (I made a copy of my normal shape for this purpose) and managed to make it look just like me from the front – result – and like me but whoa! moreso from the back.

The alpha included in the pack left me with a line around my midsection, where the azz attached to my main body. It looked kind of like I’d been sawn in half and superglued back together. I IM’d the creator and they sent me a replacement alpha (no message but hey, I’m guessing they are pretty busy round about now).

I’ve bought a few outfits which will fit both the phat azz and the lola tangos which I almost never wear too. I’m not totally impressed with what is available so far. I’m one of the people who embraced mesh so wholeheartedly that they boxed up all their prim based clothes, never to be dug out again. The idea of going back to attaching a prim to provide the skirt of a dress isn’t appealing.

So that leaves me with wearing the azz when I plan on not wearing much else…


I have to say, for naked enterprises, I’m very impressed. The phat azz isn’t just an ass, it includes your legs down to the ankle and the ass and knees don’t distort (well nowhere near as badly as the standard body) when bending and er… stretching.

If you like to get naked in SL, don’t hesitate to go out and buy yourself a phat azz. I’d check your skin creator has made an applier first as I wouldn’t fancy trying to match it manually.

Many thanks to Thom for loaning me his arms, legs, head, torso and other attachments for these photographs ❤

What do you think?

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