The sun’ll come out tomorrow

A long time ago, in a land not so very far from here, a little girl sat in a theatre flanked by her warring parents and watched “Annie the Musical”.

The irony of telling their ten year old that they were going to divorce and then taking her as a treat to see a story about a little girl who had no parents at all didn’t seem to occur to them, but at the time, in my little-girl mind, I connected the two.

After the performance (which was great) they bought me the LP of the soundtrack to the movie and I played it over and over again.

Thankfully, Annie herself had a great attitude and I guess some of it rubbed off. As our lovely house was emptied and we moved from a small village where I knew everybody, to an industrial town where I knew nobody and my parents lived apart, I just stuck out my chin and grinned and said “The sun’ll come out tomorrow” and of course, it did, eventually.

Yesterday I got a lengthy email from my Dad saying that his heart was playing up again and the subtext was that he is scared. He’s scared of the bypass operation he might have to have (again, he had one 14 years ago) and he’s scared of it not working for him this time. He’s scared ‘cus he hasn’t made a proper will yet and he’s scared his wife might not do as he wishes after he’s gone.

It was an upsetting email to read and so yesterday wasn’t a great day. I rang him and used all my daughterly powers of coercion and emotional blackmail to make him book in at the doctors as a priority (he’s a very busy bee and can find a thousand things to do aside from the important stuff). Then I found myself humming ‘Tomorrow’ as I wandered around trying to get my mind off it.

Today the sun came out, which was a relief after the storm that battered the UK early this week, and I went onto SL to do one of my favourite things – dress up my Meri dolly.


It’s not a fashion post so I haven’t written down all the details but it goes something like this… ISON Boots (For Slink feet), Tee*fy faux fur jacket, top from Vive Nine, Kilt by UFO at Collabor88, hat by LaViere.

Anyway, back to the point, which is that after one nagging text to my Dad, he texted me back and said he’s booked into the docs at just before 4pm today and that he’ll let me know how he gets on. I know it is just the beginning of what could be a long and stressful process for him, but I’m hopeful now at least.

What do you think?

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