Ice cool in Alyx

Recently I’ve been spending too many lindens in Second Life. I’ve been committing the cardinal sin of uploading money – yes, it got that bad. Some would say that I have beer income and champagne taste, but if that’s so, they’ve never seen me drink beer.

It is however, a solid fact that, in giving in to the temptations of looking at the fashion blogs, attending all the designer events and buying just about everything that wasn’t nailed down, I had exceeded my spending allowance.

So last night, I made the bold decision to drastically cut my SL spending. This might mean not reading the fashion blogs so much until my willpower is fully charged. My first move last night was to very quickly message Becka and ask where her jeans were from and to nip over and buy a couple of pairs. I mean… jeans are a staple, right?

With those jeans I would be able to make many wonderful outfits to wear on a day-to-day basis.

I also messaged Elbe and asked for her input on freebies. Elbe has a great avatar and she never spends money in SL. She gave me some landmarks and I felt great and positive about my new stance.

I was, therefore happily minding my own business, today on my deck, when the Slink group IM started up. This happens regularly and most group chats get on my wick, but the Slink one is quite good. Some girl had a problem matching her hands and feet to her skin and people were giving her assorted advice including stupidness such as changing her body to match her hands and feet, buying appliers not made for her skin ‘cus they might match and resetting her graphics to suit.

A lone voice of sanity rang out and told her it might be solved by unboxing a new set of her hands and feet and putting the appliers on those. I know this works! It’s happened to me before after tinting something manually, the applier takes on a (usually) darker hue.

I backed up Alyx and then had a quick profile perv session and found THIS… Alyx Aerallo’s supercool blog and I realised then I was in the presence of someone great.

Have you seen those avatars who manage to be completely cool looking, like… always? They are always fashionable, always serene, always very slightly futuristic and kind androgynous? Yeah, me too and it’s a look I can never pull off.

I couldn’t resist IMing Alyx and saying exactly how I felt about the pictures.

Alyx makes poses which you can find at Grafica but it wasn’t just the poses I liked. I liked everything. I admired some clothes in one of the pictures and Alyx aided and abetted me in breaking my no-shopping vow by providing a landmark.

We had a jolly good chat, because even supercool kids like a good chin wag sometimes, and covered all kinds of fab stuff… Guinness, pets, chickens called Britney, wellington boots, horses and the perils and advantages of ageing.

I’m glad to say that Alyx agreed to become my friend, so might be coming along to AAi at some point. I’d ask all my existing friends to please pretend to be a little bit cool just for that time. Thank you very much 🙂

P.S. The Ice cool in Alyx title is a play on ‘Ice cold in Alex’, a 1958 film which I did not see on release in the cinemas ‘cus I was not born, but starred John Mills, Sylvia Sims etc.

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