January – great haul!

So I got lucky today and managed to land in Collabor88 on my second try, which is an almost unheard of feat. I say that I managed to land in Collabor88 – this is not quite true. The landmark I have seems to put me in the air a few thousand feet above Collabor88 and then, as I fall, I find the name of someone below me and teleport to them using Firestorm’s handy feature. This method also saves me the short walk from the rezzpoint to the store.

But wow, great haul folks! I’ve taken lots of photos so you can see the stuff I have bought so far. I always nip over, get the ‘must have’ stuff and go back for a hmm and haw later in the week.

Collabor88 January 2014 blouse

The blouse is from The Secret Store – Mary Pleated Shirt and I’m wearing it with a skater skirt I bought from The Secret Store last year – goes pretty well!  The hair is Clawtooth – Pink Flamingos and is my favourite hair from Collabor88 this round.

Collabor88 January 14 clawtooth

I’ve taken a close up so you can see the detail of the blouse, the quality of the hair and the pout of the er… pout. It’s a mesh mouth – Loud Mouth, that I got this week and have been moaning about on Facebook. It’s not that it’s not good – I mean, it’s a fabulous product, so easy to match up to my skin etc. It’s that it makes Meri look like someone farted… I will be going back to my usual mouth soon in order to look a little happier, as is my preference.

Collabor88 Jan 14

This is the ISON dress, in blush at Collabor88. It’s cute, feminine and fits well. The hair is also at Collabor88 and I’m desolated not to be able to tell you who it’s by… I forgot to note it before I logged and my internet is just a teeny bit dodgy today so I daren’t log back on just now. Needless to say, it’s there and you will find it if you like it. The bows are colour change via HUD. To my slight disappointment, there is no option to remove the bows, or replace them with less ‘dressy’ hairbands, but… I have enough hairs to only wear it for special occasions or when I feel especially girly 🙂

Collabor88 Jan 14 kylie

Even though I rarely have the opportunity to wear a dress like this in SL, I just had to buy this vintage lace gown from Maitreya. I mean OMG, just look at the shape. They do what they call an S+ and I’m a big fan. Well, I’m a S+ fan anyway. It means that basically it fits a small frame with curves – like mine! Yay! The hair is Ison’s and the colour is additional – Amber Light, but worth it as the colours that come with the main hair are a bit ‘primary’ if you know what I mean. A blonde, a brown, a red etc.

Collabor88 Jan 14 maitreya ison

My only criticism of the hair is that above the ear on the right side, it looks a tiny bit… shaved. Like it could do with a decent hairbase, or a slightly more subtle hairline. As you can see, the detail of the gown is gorgeous – a must have item in my humble opinion.

Collabor88 Tee*fy

You know… my one staple, the place I always buy things from (especially at a reduced price like at Collabor88) is Tee*fy. It just fits Meri so damn well. I’ve never bought anything from there and had to change myself around to fit it, and it’s always gorgeous quality. See the back of this dress – just blissful. This is the Julianna Fluffy dress in blue. I will go back for other colours. it will be lovely in the Summer too.

Collabor88 Jan 14 tee*fy

A picture from the front of this sexy little Tee*fy number with the Clawtooth hair – is it me, or does the pout work better with a sexy pose? I think so! Rawr.

collabor88  milk motion

Finally, the Milk Motion carved leather bomber jacket – it’s materials enabled and you get a materials and non materials version for each size in the pack. I found it to be generously sized. This is a small. I’d normally need a medium in a jacket cus of my big ole boobies. The shorts were a free gift from Paper Doll over Christmas and are blue tweed. The hair is from MINA and isn’t at Collabor88, but it is my favourite of the season so far. MINA are just super and I only found them a couple of months ago.

This is Meri, reporting to you from Collabor88 after another successful round. I’d put aside a couple of thou lindens and get your beautiful arses over there ladies 🙂

Notes for the pedantic and overly-interested: All images can be clicked on to view in full size. None of the images have been photoshopped or altered in any way. I really am that gorgeous.

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