My Second Life Wish List

If you were Linden God for a day, what would you change?

For me, it’s a mixture between changes I’d like to see in the viewer, and changes I’d like to see in the world and in some cases, just in practise.

So… here we go

#1  In my shopping shoes for a day 

I’d like to see those selling in Second Life make some changes for us shoppers. The first of which is that I don’t like things like THIS…


…happening to me in shops. I mean. I saw something I thought looked okay, I purchased the demo, I added the demo (wore it) assuming it would be an openable bag and no… in this case, it was a cow. I was standing in a clothes shop, wearing a cow. Why would anyone want that?

I removed the cow. I looked at the permissions in the store – no build, so I couldn’t rezz the cow there. I glanced around for a ‘rezz zone’ so that I could go there to rezz the cow. There wasn’t one that I could see.

I went home, rezzed the cow, tried on the demo, it was okay but… this is the key thing… I was already ticked off, so I didn’t go back to the store to buy the item.

This also applies to sellers who think it is cute to put their items in high prim packaging. I honestly don’t care about the box, I really prefer everything delivered directly in a folder, or at worst, in an openable (wearable) bag or box.

Sellers! Please! Just take a minute to think about your prospective purchaser experience. Why would anyone want to wear a cow or have to go home mid-shop to see if something fits well? Will they come back? Probably not.

So yes, I wave my magic wand at those sellers who haven’t thought about the process of buying something.

#2   Graphics settings in SL

I’m not blessed with the money to buy the updated whizzy fast high-graphics laptop I’d really like, and so, for now, have a Studio XPS 13. It’s entirely adequate for most of my Secondlife journey and manages to produce some pretty graphics, but it’s not up to the really intensive stuff.

So, like most people, I have to adjust my graphics settings depending upon what I’m doing.


Shopping: Draw distance 80m, Avatars 0, LOD 4.0, smoothing off, all other settings on mid graphics with nam’s skin and prim windlight. (See photograph of me wearing a cow above)

Club life: Draw distance 32m, Avatars 15, LOD 4.0, smoothing x2, all other settings on mid graphics with nam’s skin and prim windlight – good for seeing people dance, looking at their clothes and generally perving around.


Sales/Festivals: (lagfests, see below lol) Draw distance 56m, Avatars 5, particles off, LOD 2.0, smoothing off, all other settings on mid with nam’s skin and prim windlight or fine day (really pretty but makes your avatar look pantaloons).



This picture was taken at the recent round of Enchantment and I would like to give a big round of applause to those responsible for the event. It was sweet looking and wasn’t particle and lag filled like so many of these events. The Seasons Story nearly killed my pc last round – how they manage to have ‘no particle’ snow I don’t know – I couldn’t turn it off and I crashed a LOT. I know I’m not the only one to have experienced this as I’m an avid reader of other people’s whinges :).

Home: Draw distance 120m, Avatars 2 <3, LOD 2.0, smoothing 2.0, windlight fine day.



Photographs: Draw distance 32m, Avatars 1, LOD 4.0, Smoothing x4 (min), advanced lighting and shadows plus windlight on one of the shadows settings.



So you can possibly tell, from the differences in quality in those shots, how much my graphics need to change in order to go about my day to day SL Life.

/me waves her wand ‘Please make graphics settings profiles, please…’

What I wish for is a way of saving these settings as one theme each. Just naming them for what they are, so I can log in, pop a suitable outfit on from my outfits folder and put a suitable graphics setting on for my intended activity.

It can’t be that hard can it? Come on Linden God – just for me? (and the other thousands who’d use it).

#3   Lagfests

Lag is probably the thing that most SL residents moan about (well, that and Kevin the noob who accosts you in the hub you logged on at, semi-naked and iming ‘YOU<ME. FUCKY FUCKY’)

So when I go to one of these designer doodahs, or shopping malls and they have about 10 avatars there and it all grinds to a halt, I get annoyed. ‘Cus it isn’t down to the avatars (please remove your clothing, hair and HUDs to keep lag down). Please remove your bloody snow particles, plants and other unnecessary gubbins to keep down lag! Why would I want to shop naked?

I don’t go to shops or malls or shopping venues to see the view, I go to see the clothes. Just show us the clothes, and while we’re at it, don’t make me walk a long way to see the clothes and shoes. My shoes are made to look pretty, not to walk in. Big malls can be fun in RL, but in SL they are just time consuming and booooooring.

There are many beautiful builds and sims in SL, which I like to go visit when I have time to chill and wander, with my hunny. I want to choose when I do that and not when I’m looking for a skirt I saw in a blog.

/me waves her wand at sim/shop designers. Make my shopping trips happy ones 🙂

#4   World Peace

No, I don’t really expect world peace. In a lot of ways I think that Second Life is very peaceful, but occasionally you come across people with what I think of as dysfunctional profiles.

These include, but are not limited to:

I don’t do drama, if you are a drama queen, just fuck off and don’t IM me, cus you’re shit and I’m great. (This person is ALWAYS a generator of ‘drama’)

If you’re reading my profile you must be a really sad person, or very bored…. omg did you keep on reading after the three dots? You total tosser. IM me if you must, although I’m unfriendly and totally cool and will probably not answer you. (Umm… do the words ‘communication platform’ mean nothing to you?)

I’m friendly but I don’t tend to read chat, so IM me (I put out easily and need attention. I am probably sexing in IM right now, want some?)

——————/´ ¯/)
——–(’(———- ¯~/’–’)

Don’t even think about hitting on this hot, sexy bitch, I am taken by my lovely husband SexyDirk and you’re getting none of it. If you even look at him, I will find you and rip off your face with my nails. (REALLY! Well I totally wasn’t thinking about hitting on you. You’ve been ‘married’ to er… Dirk for…? Oh a week. Nice. Does Dirk know you’re a guy in RL? No? OK.)

You get the idea… people are mean/stupid/insecure and vapid, and sometimes feel the need to express ALL of this in their profiles so that you know about it fully, even before you IM them. But, if you’re like me, you just don’t IM them.

/me waves her magic wand. I wish people were nicer and had more open minds.

#5   Second Lifer Updates

It makes me sad sometimes when people I’ve met along the way who were fabulous, just leave SL. I mean, I’m glad for them if their RL is busy and happy and they have no time to come on any more, I just wish that I knew for sure that they were well and happy. You can make such friends in a virtual world – real friends – and it is hard when they move on.

If you read this and you used to know me (and you think I liked you), drop me an email –, or comment on this post and let me know you’re okay. I’d like that 🙂

In fact, hey.. comment on this post if you don’t know me. I’d love to hear what you think and what you’d wish for. Sorry for all the moaning!

Much love, Meri x

3 thoughts on “My Second Life Wish List

  1. I looked you up quickly Tessa and you mention the Harry Potter village. You have my <3! Did you go to the Hogwarts place with the Hogwarts Express you can ride on?

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