Happy in my own skin – Curio/Pink Fuel

In Second Life, the skin of your avatar can be the making (or otherwise) of your look. It’s one of the most important purchases you ever make in-world and I’m proud to say that I only change mine for a good reason.

I’ve tried all the major skin brands and I can see the attraction of many of them, but they simply don’t suit Meri’s face as well as some others.

A few years ago I got a Curio skin – Curio sundust light – and loved it. It felt right. It was very natural, had healthy eyebrows and gave that ‘girl next door’ look that I feel comfortable with.

Snapshot_001 (4)

The body detail was also good, with little moles and freckles at various points. I thought I’d never fall out of love with that skin, but when it all kicked off with Curio (if you already know what happened, great, if not, let’s let sleeping dogs lie) a huge batch of skins were kindly given away in a folder to members of the group. Of course, this was a major gift to many people but to me, sadly, it just meant that even more people would be running around in my skin.

I decided to change skins and await new skins from Curio. I looked around and searched and hummed and hawed and eventually, decided upon Pink Fuel.

Meri in her ram hat

Pink Fuel’s detailing was lovely too, but quite different. I liked the mouth particularly but wasn’t so keen on the eyes which I thought made Meri look more ‘knowing’. I added the freckles and blusher layers to soften it a bit, along with some eye make up (on this shot).  I’ve loved PF for their generosity (including make ups in each pack, selling appliers cheaply and promptly, excellent customer service, whatever your query). Honestly, I can’t speak highly enough of them.

And then… dun dun dunnnnnn. Curio finally brought out their new range. I went over to see them positively shaking with anticipation. I tried a demo and it was cute but not quite perfect imho. It still had painted on lashes which I would have preferred to be an option and not an essential and no appliers were available.  I im’d and was told that appliers would be released in due course.

The other day the appliers were released and so I went over and bought my new Daisy skin and the appliers. Pictured below with mesh lashes – those are not the painted lashes I mentioned.


So, now my list of pros and cons.

Cons first – to get them out of the way

I think the body is noticeably darker than the face. I’ve counteracted this (in part) by the addition of the PF blush and some freckles from Croire.

The body isn’t quite as detailed as I recall the old skin being and I find the torso very slightly doll-like. But it’s still pretty! There aren’t any cleavage options included, nor are there any enhancers available in store.


I’d like skin sellers to include appliers (Slink, Azz, Lolas etc.) as standard in their packs, it would be a good selling tool and would make life easier (and a little cheaper) for us mesh add-on junkies. I had to buy them all individually – *cries*. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to Curio, I wish all skinners did this 🙂

Now the Pro’s…

I feel like I have come home. I feel like me. I feel my face is softer and has that special something you can only seem to find in a Curio skin.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth the expense of going back, I’d suggest you go over there and try on some demos and see how you feel. As an aside, I love the simplicity of the Curio shop. It’s not huge, you don’t have to walk miles and there are loads of pose stands. The demos are delivered in folders so you can try them there without messing. I guess someone’s been shopping a few times themselves!

4 thoughts on “Happy in my own skin – Curio/Pink Fuel

  1. I used to be a Curio fanatic. I had most of her skins (the ones that suit me anyways), i was used to tp over the shop any time she released anything, i was in love.
    Now, after the whole drama over the skins, i got myself some new ones (Glam affair, Al vulo), and found out the the details in the other skins are far better. everything was better. it felt like Gala was using the same skins PSDs she was using for many years while every other skin maker around her progressed with time and got better. The Curio skins make me look like a teenager. I suppose many will like it while i don’t,
    On the other hand – I haven’t been there since she sent the notice of the new stuff, so that’s what i will do today and let you know if my opinion have changed 🙂

  2. I do tend towards quite innocent, natural looking skins Poise, so yeah, you might find it’s still the same way. Saying that, there were some skins that didn’t suit me in her new range that looked quite nice too. Love to hear what you find or even see some photos with demos on! Love from nosey Meri x

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