Snow White and the Seven Shopping trips

meri snow white_001


So, like everyone else I know, I spent a few days trying to get into Collabor88 and, once there, found some bits I liked. Those of you who have read my blog previously will not be surprised to hear that most of the things I liked were by Tee*fy.

The off shoulder sweater, with optional blouse underneath and the skirt (with belt) are the offerings this round from Tee*fy and are available in a range of primary colours and more subtle hues. The reason for the seven shopping trips (a slight exaggeration perhaps) is that once I got home with one colour set, I hummed and hawed and then had to go back for another. I went citrus (lime top, orange skirt), cute (pink top, yellow skirt) and this… Snow White combo – blue top with yellow skirt.

I didn’t realise until I had put it on that it was like Snow White, but it hit me and so I added one of my favourite updo hairs – Mosch by Ploom, with a red headscarf.

The shoes I can’t tell you about yet as I acquired them today by underhand means. I did pay for them! I just wasn’t supposed to pay for them yet, so I kinda did a hit and run. Thankfully, I had not put the platform sandals on in order to run and opted instead for carrying them.

Hi ho! Hi ho! It’s off to pose I go.

You know… taking photographs of a decent quality brings my laptop to a grinding halt. Next week, I’m hoping that this will change with the arrival of a brand-new shiny new baby. But ssh… this old fella has served me well and I’d hate him to think I don’t care any more.

I think that’s all. Pop on over to Collabor88 now the rush has died down. I also did the Arcade after the rush had died down and found that there were no clothes. Like…. no clothes. There were a lot of wearable pets. Is it just me that finds all that a bit, well… boring?


What do you think?

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