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I was thinking, after having done my time trying to get into Collabor88 this month – while it was still rezzing – if it were going to be worth the time and effort I spend and, most unfortunately, it was totally worth it, resulting in a massive dent being put into my lindens. There are some great pickings to be had and the theme they choose each month seems to make it easier to have ‘key items’ which are shared across multiple outfits.

So, I thought I’d do a post which a) showed off all the good things I found and b) showed you how I like to re-use items on a theme to tie outfits together over a week or so (before I get bored).

Above you can see two of the fabulous things I got from Secret Store’s offering at Collabor88 this month.

Amy Highwaist Skirt – Milk
Betsy Halter (cropped) Tiny Boats

The skirt is a lace overlayer, on the main colour base, so in this instance, I could have chosen to have black lace over the white/cream skirt, giving a totally different look.

The ballet flats are Schadenfreude, also at Collabor88 and I totally fell in love with them, so they will be coming up in further pictures.

Yummy’s Gold Pendant in Blue is at Collabor88 too and it’s so pretty!

The hair is Tableau Vivant, I got the blondes which I like because they have light brown/blonde tones too, which is perfect for my ‘not quite decided what colour hair I have’ personality.


In this next picture, you can see I have re-used the hair from Tableau Vivant and the shoes from Schadenfreude with a fringed top by Moon at Collabor88 (guest designer this month) and my current fave Mon Tissu jeans (available at their mainstore).


Secret Store hits the spot again, same skirt and top as listed in the top picture, but in different textures. I love the sailor look and popped into Secret Store’s mainstore to pick up the shoes which I had neglected to get from Collabor88 last time. The hair is !lamb and is also at Collabor88, but I love it, so if you buy it, don’t wear it around me or I’ll get all crabby about it 😉


Girly twirly looks for this Spring are really doing it for me. Here I’m wearing Boom’s good weather halter in duck egg blue, available at Collabor88 and a flowered mesh skirt from a store called Ninety which works nicely with my cute azz on too! Shoes again are from Schadenfreude at Collabor88. The hair is so sweet and chic, and is from Truth. I am having trouble remembering whether I got it at the mainstore or at Collabor88 – sorry about that!


The tank in the above photo is the freebie for VIPs this month at Molichino. The store is fairly new to me but I love the style, the freebies always seem really nice quality. The pants are ‘days of the week’ system and cute azz/phat azz appliers from marketplace. Send me an IM inworld for more deets as, because it is on an applier, it’s not showing up in the ‘current outfit’ snip I make when I prep these fashion posts – DOH! Sorry!

The socks/shoes are from JD at The Season Story this time around. I wasn’t impressed with most of the stuff there – it just wasn’t my bag really – but it’s always worth a nip round to see what they have.

These JD shoes and socks were confusing for many reasons, and I’m going to try and tell you so you don’t end up similarly confused.

The shoes are made for the JD brand feet – not slink or normal feet. This means that you can’t wear the shoes without having their feet, except if you are wearing the socks too, in which case you can.

The JD feet are quite nice, and they have a website based system in place for matching their feet to your skin – if they have your skin – they don’t have my Curio skin yet, but replied to my IM saying that they will do – it’s onerous work apparently and takes them a while to update it. I’d check before buying if I were you. Manual matching just isn’t doing it for me any more.

The socks are also confusing, because they had a gacha machine there for the socks. I had a go and then thought hmm… better see what’s in the shoe package first (as I couldn’t open it there – Really?  Come on event hosts/sellers!). So I came home and found the shoes come with a sock HUD which gives you all the colours anyway, so don’t buy the feet if you only want the shoes and socks look. Don’t buy the socks if you want to wear the socks with the shoes. Hope that helps!

I don’t mind you learning from my financial mistakes, as long as you think of me when your money jingles in your pockets happily.


How sweet am I? I’m like a toasted marshmallow on top of a blueberry cheesecake with a white chocolate sauce – ear squeakingly sweet, that’s how sweet.

The dress is -tb- at Collabor88. It comes in various patterns, or this white with a blue sash version which I loved best. Shoes are Schadenfreude again, locket and hair as above too!


Bizarrely, this simple outfit has ended up being my favourite of the week. The hair is actually a duo colour bob, which I have chosen to keep one colour. It does look great though in duo colour (divided down the middle perfectly) and I recommend you pick one up for days which may have ‘tude. It’s from [RA] at Rock Attitude Fair and is called Nicky. Jeans from Mon Tissu again. Jumper the Rachel Ruffle sweater and was from the Tee*fy mainstore. I nipped over and bought it when I didn’t like their offerings for Collabor88 this time, which are a skirt and top and which I felt were just a bit too formal for me in SL. It is, however, the first time I have bypassed the Tee*fy stand anywhere, without buying something (read everything) so I felt withdrawl symptoms. The shoes are from Gos at Fameshed this round and I adore them. They have a texturey changey thing for the socks/stockings which I haven’t even bothered playing with because I adore these little lace ankle socks so much. They are called the Charlotte Mary Jane pumps.


In other news, today is mine and Thom’s 6th anniversary. It’s always a bit crazy in a good way this time of year. Within the space of a fortnight, we have his rezzday, my rezzday, my rl birthday and our anniversary. So much to celebrate, I feel very happy and only slightly old :).

Be happy for us!

Lots of love, M x

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