Mind the gap!!! The Azz vs Slink feet – a solution

So, if you are the kind of girl who can’t resist improvements upon her SL person via the use of mesh add-ons, you no doubt already own the Slink feet in flat, mid and high options and potentially a Cute Azz or Phat Azz from L.inc too (other mesh feet and arses are available, but these happen to be the ones I have and can comment upon).

If you do have both of these items, it is likely you have worn them together and found an unsightly gap at the ankle which seems unbridgeable.

the gap between slink feet and cute azz at ankle
the gap between slink feet and cute azz at ankle

You can’t move the azz and legs down more to the feet – you can’t move the feet up to meet the ankle. You may have messed with alphas and found this didn’t provide a solution either.

Well, I went onto Second Life today determined to come up with a solution and *drum roll please*

I did.

It’s not perfect, it requires a bit of jiggery pokery, but you can do it, like I did.

No gap issue now with cute azz and slink feet ankles
No gap issue now with cute azz and slink feet ankles

Ok, step one to closing the gap. Look through your invent until you find a trouser alpha that covers the whole area of your butt and legs (for the Azz) The idea is to find an alpha that finishes sooner, i.e. further up the ankle than the provided Cute Azz or Phat Azz alphas. I used one from Coco’s cargo pants.

Now put your Slink feet and Slink feet alpha on. You will see a gap! A gap of actual leg. Now go into edit shape and reduce the muscle size of your leg (or indeed increase it, if you are a spider) until the leg that is uncovered by alpha is fitting flush with your Azz leg and your Slink ankle. Save that shape to wear with your Azz.

Abracadabra! You have no gappy ankles any more. I’d suggest saving your chosen leg alpha as the new option to use with your Cute or Phat Azz when wearing it with Slink feet.

Am I good to you fashionistas or what?

Much love, M xox

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