What I found when I went out one day

Day two of Collabor88 saw me land, breathless with anticipation in a full sim as usual. I quickly added 2k to my 500 linden balance and picked up all the demos of everything I fancied. I stood in a corner, took off all my clothes (nobody gives a shit at C88 as long as you’re quick) and tried everything on. Then BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, I spent all but 50l$ on the fabby stuff on offer.

In addition, yesterday I got the pack of Void jeans brand spanking new from Poised (link to marketplace store). They are featured in one of the snaps below.

Admittedly, the photos today are pretty basic, but I just got up to my dressing ‘box’ put on one outfit after another, saved em as outfits and took a pic to show you guys. Don’t I spoil you?!?!? ❤

All images are untouched, untweaked and unadultered. You can click them to inspect clothing more closely.



The aforementioned Poised Void jeans above sit nicely on the hips with a teeny tiny bit of botty cleavage (not shown in case I scared you) the flarey boot cut bottoms are good – neat – not wild and woolly like some flared mesh jeans. The HUD included (yes, more than one design for the price) offers 10 texture options in pack ranging from traditional jeans shades like the one pictured through to patterned, lavender, striped etc. One pack costs 200l$ or you can get both packs (20 textures) for 300l$.

The shirt is the Tee*fy check shirt at Collabor88, it was 188l$ and fits beautifully. I do love to see something this fresh and natural looking.

The hair is Clawtooth at Collabor88 in golden girl. The bow has a colour change menu upon clicking, but only like… 5 colours – c’mon guys! Otherwise I love it so much 🙂


Ison played a blinder this round with their crop panel tee and pleated skirt combos. All beautifully fitting and textured, it gives a classy shape with a 50s edge. Coupled with the absolutely fabulous (I may be raving here) Hucci pinup peep pumps for Slink high feet at a bargain 88l$ I felt fit for a date with a sailor.



Okay I have to admit, as far as Collabor88 goes this month, this little dress stole my heart. It’s U.F.O.’s ooh la la dress in flamingo. I might have to go back for more. I just feel so darn cheeky in it! Hucci heels again, Clawtooth little lamb hair again too.



What I loved about this angora sweater from Milk Motion at Collabor88 is that it gapes a little as it buttons down the front – the very reason I’d not buy it in RL haha. But in SL, anything that makes something more realistic makes it more desirable imho. The pants I bought from Tee*fy because I felt I should, having bought two of the shirts that ‘match’. However, upon reflection, this lukewarm response was a mistake, because they are wonderful and make my ass look fantastic and I adore them. I will be going back for more shades!


Meri looks like she’s sulking in this picture because she’s not keen on this off the shoulder top from U.F.O., she says it has a frumpy cut and makes her look shapeless around the middle. I kinda see what she means but I think it has an innocent charm and will also come in useful for days when she’s had a big dinner and needs to hide her sins.

I added BOOM’s shorts in white, which I’ve had a while and drag out as soon as the weather allows, along with Pandora flats in navy for Slink flat feet.


I was both glad and sad to see Tram at this month’s Collabor88. I’ve been a big fan of their hair for a while and at least part of the reason for my love affair is that I never saw anybody else wear it. I guess that period is over now and I’ll have to learn to share. Tram (for some reason) name their hairdo’s with a number and letter code, which means you find it hard to remember which is which once in your invent. I rename mine straight away to solve this problem with a short description.

The shirt is a Tee*fy offering, same design as the one mentioned before but in a different check. There are non check versions, but I’m a sucker for looking like kitchen curtains. Jeans are Mon Tissu and are not at Collabor88.



The fd Spring wrap top is very cute, as you can see. I didn’t like the skirts however, they seemed a bit stiff in the demo, so I didn’t bother buying one. The Tee*fy trousers fitted just nice tho. Just look at that ass – go on, I give you permission. The hair is another one from Tram at Collabor88. But as I say, Tram are mine, hands off.




Finally, this cute little romper is in the middle section and is by Lark, it’s called Regina jumper, so.. being British… I expected to find a sweater. This casual and soft looking garment fits beautifully and the detail is so nice. Again with Tram hair 🙂

Kids… I’m a little lighter in the purse and in the heart. I’ve some great gear to wear and honestly, there is so much more I didn’t buy. Go see for yourself 🙂

Also, I want to say this in case any of you ever think it, I’m not one of these bloggers who tells you what skin she wears, offers her shape or talks about tatts or jewellery normally. The reason is that these are the things that make me who I am and I wear all the time – kinda personal. It’s good to be ourselves innit?

Much love to you, Spring Lambs! xox

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