The Dark Style Fair – deeR open breasted dress

The Dark Style Fair opened today (17th) a couple of hours ago (7am). It promises an array of designers and contributors offering an assortment of grunge, goth, punky and generally dark-side clothing. You might think that this isn’t the place for you if you love the colour pink, for instance, but I’m here to prove you wrong. Oh yes.

deeR’s special release for the event is the Open Breasted Corset Dress which is a very adaptable addition to your wardrobe. I’ve taken a couple of snaps to illustrate how it can be worn and the options available.

defeated warrior deer dress applier
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I’ve called this shot ‘Warrior Defeated’ and worn the dress with natural browns giving the corset a leather-like texture. For any lovers of Game of Thrones,  Xena Warrior Princess, Gor type sims, combat RP’s or styling, it would not look out of place at all in those settings.

Each section of the corset dress is colour-able through the comprehensive on screen HUD. I took a shot of that too, to give you an idea. The dress comes with an applier for Lola Tango breasts meaning that you can preserve your modesty for those situations where having your norks out might be something of a distraction. I also found it was no issue to wear my Cute Azz underneath the dress skirt.

hud options and dress detail deer
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You can see the detail of the corset part of the dress and this part of the HUD shows you the options for metal work and lacing.

repose on waterlillies deer open corset dress
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The final shot shows you just how adaptable this little number is. I’ve hidden the lower layer of the skirt via the option in the HUD and left my breasts out, as deeR intended. I call this picture ‘Slutty Princess Meri on water lilies’

You can visit the deeR stand at the Dark Style Fair by clicking here

Credits Upper picture:

Hair: Tram, bob, light yellow
Boots: Dirty Princess Gladiator boots
Bracelet: Mandala

Credits Lower picture:

Hair: Moon, Unreflected, Blondes
Shoes: Hucci at Collabor88

In both pictures, Meri wears a Cute Azz and Lola’s Tango breasts. None of the items of clothing in these pictures have been altered in photoshop or similar.

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