Little pieces of joy


Have you ever considered exactly what makes you happy? I was thinking about that very thing earlier and found some unusual answers. I was chatting with Thom about how lovely today is – sunny and breezy – my favourite kind of weather, and told him I might go sailing later.

Not being the kind of woman who has sailing boat resources, he was surprised, so I told him I might pin some sheets out on my washing line and sit on a chair outdoors with my eyes closed, hearing the sheet flap in the wind and feeling the heat and breeze on my face, and that it would be much the same.

I think that’s a happy thing.

I went onto Second Life to give Meri a taste of sailing from her deckchair too, and found Marketplace was down and I couldn’t find a clothes line at all in-world. I IM’d my friend Poise and ranted unashamedly at her about the dire situation and she, being kind and generous-hearted, found me the perfect one.

It’s nice to have a friend who will drop what she’s doing to help you, even with something so unimportant.

I think that’s another happy thing.

While I was out hunting for clothes lines, I saw a really cute puppy in somebody’s yard. Zeus it was called. If that is your puppy, I apologise for trespassing, but the clothes line incident had taken over my sensibilities. I messaged Thom and asked him if he’d be appalled if I bought a puppy like that for our SL yard and he said yes. I asked if it was because of our cat, Sambuca, who he bought for me quite a few years ago. He said yes it was.

I was a tiny bit disappointed because, although I love Sambuca so much and know he’s special because Thom bought him for me, I can’t have him out all the time as he causes a lot of lag and is rather high in prims, as older scripty pets tend to be. Sam also tries to push me off the deck, his strength of love is so great, but I understood. Sambuca is our cat. That didn’t stop me trying though.

I said, it was just a nice thought because I can never have a puppy in real life. But I get it, it’s okay.

It’s true, I can’t have a puppy in RL, I’m frightened of dogs in RL so getting one while cute and tiny would be irresponsible, if I weren’t going to be able to deal with it as an adult animal.

He replied that I’d be sending him a sad face photo next and I laughed a lot. It’s good to know that he knew it was a blatant and deliberate attempt to manipulate him into agreeing to the puppy and that he knows me well.

So that was a happy thing too.

I’m not this Pollyanna every day, but today is just one of those lovely days when everything seems right with the world. I don’t have much money, I don’t have prestige or an important role to play in the world, but I do have little nuggets of happiness to get me through each day, and I think we’re all the same, whoever we are.

I kind of like that idea too.

I hope whoever you are and wherever you are that you are finding little pieces of joy today as you bimble around and I send you my love ❤


Edit! I decided to put Sambuca into the house, and that seems to have worked, he loves it in there by the roaring fire in his basket and I don’t seem to be falling into the lake any more – yay!



One thought on “Little pieces of joy

  1. Happiness.. I always thought it lies in the little things. The greater idea of happiness, that doesn’t relay on events? I’m not sure it exists and it is okay because we really need to put an effort for happiness, that’s the point in living.

    Love this MeriPop ❤

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