Just Foo Lynn around!

meri poised dress candydoll shoes


Hello sweet souls, it’s very definitely Friday and I’m feeling alright, thank you very much. Those of you who are regular visitors to my blog will notice a change of theme, this was to allow for ‘widgets’. I’m sure you can understand that when I began blogging, I had no idea I needed ‘widgets’ and so, chose a theme that was both practical and attractive in my opinion. However, now the time has come where visitors want to access archives, search on subject matter, see tags etc.  I hope you like it. My whole aim in life is to make you happy (slight lie, my main aim is to look pretty and have fun). On that subject! If there is one thing I love more than great fashion, it’s fashion that…

a) Doesn’t cost me any pennies

b) I get before other folks – muhahahahaha! (pauses to explain that is my evil laugh) muahahahahahaha!

This post covers both of those bases and so makes me very, very happy.

First up for a mention is the Poised Foo Lynn dress which will be released for sale at her mainstore and on marketplace next Friday (30th). No doubt Poise allowed me a copy early so she could check the stretchiness of the skirt over my lovely big ass.  In all seriousness, it’s a combo method dress; system layer top (various textures), black skirt with applier for Cute/Phat azz and a mesh skirt piece which fits well. Poise told me during one chat that she’s compelled to make more clothes that fit the Cute/Phat azz’s because she can’t bear to take off her own Cute azz, lol.

Visit Poised Mainstore by clicking here and Poised Marketplace by clicking here.

Then we have the fantastic free Candydoll Raviosa group gift shoes for Slink mid feet. The Candydoll group is still currently free to join with this gift in the group notices, however, the group will begin to charge to join in the near future, so join quick to take advantage of this and any future offers.

The hair is by Milk, is called Jupiter and I don’t want you to go buy it. No, it’s mine. Get off. Agh, ok, if you insist, it’s at Kustom9, but I’m not giving you an SURL, because I don’t want you to go buy it.

Oh ffs, okay… Has anyone ever told you you’re a complete ass pain? Click here to teleport to Kustom9

Honestly, if I see any one of you out in this very outfit, like… well, I’m British so I shall probably just mutter about you in IM to one of my friends, while assuring them of how much I do like you really. Admittedly, not a harsh threat.

Here in the UK, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, which means we get Monday off work. I have a set on Sunday night at AAi, 1-3pm slt, and none of you Brits have any reason not to be there, as far as I can see. I promise tunes, booze and potentially snogs, depending on if you have my hair on or not.

I wish you a fabulous weekend! ❤ Meri

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