Ice cream on Brighton Pier

Ice cream on Brighton Pier
Hair: Little Bones “Trouble” Top: Poised Push Sports Bra Pants: #candy Summer Sun Capri fades Shoes: *BOOM* Tired Sole Sandal (salt) from C88



I got some lovely, fresh, new additions to my summer wardrobe the other day from Poised and #Candy and couldn’t resist nipping over to Brighton Pier for an ice cream and some sea air. If I seem to be staring into the sky in a slightly perplexed manner, this will be because a seagull had flown down and stolen my flake. The cheek!

The capris are from #Candy and you can get the gradient, a brights pack or a darks pack from marketplace. As they cost only 149l$ for each colour pack, and each one contains 5 colours, it’s a bargain.

The top is the Poised Push Sports Bra is a superb little garment providing comfort, a boost to the old boobies and some significant styling to boot! It also comes with a colour change HUD offering five options for your workouts, days out or tits out experiences. You can visit Poised on marketplace too!

huds for candy and poised outfit

Cus I am such a very nice blogger, I took a nice pic of the HUDs so you can see what colours are available before even leaving this page.


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