Safari so good (geddit?)

meri and ciera 2a

You might think that getting into Collabor88 on its opening day was a scary enough outing for any girl, but my friend Ciera and I are more dangerous, intrepid and fearless than the average girl.

We decided to go on Safari too…

Ciera (left) wears
Hair: Truth “Luella”
Top: Tres Blah Blouse – Sand(C88)
Pants: Tres Blah Shorts – Navy (C88)
Shoes: Pure Poison – Hellen Sandals – V2 (C88)

Meri (right) wears
Hair: Little Bones “West Coast”
Romper: Mutresse Ebele (C88)
Jacket: The Secret Store – Noah Cropped Jacket (C88)
Shoes: Pure Poison Giulia Sandals (C88)

meri and ciera 1a

We found a baby elephant by its parents who was more than happy to stand completely still while we whirled around trying to make our poses line up and appear ‘casual’ – I think we just about managed it.

Ciera's shoes from Pure Poison
Ciera’s shoes from Pure Poison
Meri's shoes from Pure Poison also!
Meri’s shoes from Pure Poison also!

Have you noticed how shoes tend to be small in pictures, being as they are made for feet which are way down there on the floor? Yeah… shoes are never prominent enough in photographs for my liking.

I’d like to thank the lovely Ciera Bergman for IMing me at the right time, wearing exactly the right outfit and making herself available for this photo shoot, even though her dad had screwed up his Facebook account and she should have been sorting that out. Sorry to hear that Mr Bergman. ❤ your daughter tho!

P.S. go visit Collabor88 if you a) want Safari clothes and shoes which are quite cute actually… and b) want to be wearing the same outfit as me for the next week – I don’t mind as long as you go somewhere else. No… further away than that. Like over there in that sex sim, that’s close enough. xx

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